To choose love is to choose happiness-2

/November 2021

Early the next morning, du Xiaofei came to the station to wait for the bus at that time. When he was bored, he saw a familiar face: the busman. 

The busman also saw du Xiaofei and gave her a friendly smile. 

When getting off, du Xiaofei said to the busman, "this is my stop!" 

The busman smiled again and said "goodbye". 

The smile of the bus man-made du Xiaofei still worried about the date with the rich man at night. 

Every morning since then, du Xiaofei would meet the busman at the station and get off the bus in the eyes of the busman. In the evening, du Xiaofei dated the rich man, watching all her favorite movies and eating her favorite food. Du Xiaofei thought that Duojin must have put a lot of thought into it. 

So a month later, when Duojin offered to send her to work in the morning, she hesitated and agreed. 

On the first day, I took the rich man's car to work and came out more than half an hour later than usual. although he was much more comfortable and comfortable, du Xiaofei felt something wrong, because from today on, he would never see the busman again. 

Du Xiaofei specially glanced at the dark crowd as she passed the station. She even saw the busman in the crowd. 

Oh, my God, he's been waiting for the bus, isn't he? 

To prove her idea, the next day, du Xiaofei specially asked Duojin to slow down as she passed the station, and she saw the busman in the crowd, who looked around from time to time. At this time, a 902 bus had just left-he was not waiting for the bus, but waiting for himself. 

Du Xiaofei felt an unspeakable throb in her heart, and she was a little sad. 

She rolled down the window, poked her head out, and looked at the busman from a distance. 

The busman seemed to feel du Xiaofei's eyes and kept a firm eye on her until the two could not see each other. 

For several days, du Xiaofei saw the busman waiting at the station. On those nights, she was always absent-minded on a date with a rich man. 

Until one day, when Duojin was taking her to work, she made up her mind and said: "our company organizes staff training, completely closed for a week, can not use the mobile phone." 

Doujin man said: "then I will miss you very much!" 

Du Xiaofei smiled and said nothing. 

This week, du Xiaofei left home at 6: 00 to take the No. 902 bus to work to avoid the busman. When she got off work at night, she had to work overtime until very late to avoid the golden man so that the lies could not be detected. 

There is no training in the company. Du Xiaofei just wants to think quietly about who she likes and what kind of love she needs.

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