To choose love is to choose happiness-4

/November 2021

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One day a week later, du Xiaofei called Duojin: "you always invited me before. Would you like me to buy you dinner tonight?" 

Du Xiaofei made up her mind that she wanted to break up with Duojin because she had never thought of too many Golden Man in the 7 days she didn't see each other, so she didn't like Golden Man. 

Who does she love? 

Could it be that stupid bus guy? 

Du Xiaofei recalled the process of her acquaintance with the busman. She met the busman for the first time. The busman got on the bus first and got off before her. But from the second time, how did the two people wait for the bus at the same station? and the bus man got off later than her? 

This only means that the silly boy changed the place to get on the bus and get off to see her. 

The rich man gladly showed up for the appointment, and when he heard du Xiaofei say goodbye, he was so surprised that he couldn't say a word, but he didn't get it back, and he didn't even ask why. 

Du Xiaofei breathed a sigh of relief. she was afraid that the rich man would ask why and said she didn't love him. 

This reason sounds ridiculous in this economic age. 

Giving up the chicken rib love, du Xiaofei was particularly relaxed. She went to bed early because she had to get up early and take the bus to work tomorrow morning. 

But the next day, du Xiaofei did not meet the busman at the station, for fear of being late, du Xiaofei had to get on the bus first. 

On the third day, du Xiaofei asked for leave beforehand. she came to the station early and waited until the rush hour passed and did not see the busman. 

Did he move, or did he change units, or did he. 

Du Xiaofei kept guessing in his heart. 

In waiting and guessing, half a month passed quickly, and the bus man, like a man who disappeared from the world, never appeared in front of du Xiaofei. 

Du Xiaofei was so annoyed that the love that belonged to her had come, but she passed by again. 

Soon, when Christmas Eve arrived, du Xiaofei and several colleagues who were also floating were having a party in a bar. A colleague pointed to the distance and said, "look at the wardrobe on that woman. It adds up to 20,000 to 30,000." 

Another echoed: "pretty much, the man next to him is also wearing a big brand. I envy him so much!" 

Du Xiaofei looked along, and her heart jumped wildly. Isn't that boy the busman? 

Although his clothes were completely different from those at work, du Xiaofei recognized him at first sight. 

Du Xiaofei had a flash of thought to catch up with him and ask him where he had been these days. 

But she still controlled herself. The busman and the dazzling woman looked like a couple, but what were she and the bus man? 

There is no beginning at all, so it is not the end. 

Du Xiaofei smiled bitterly and drank a whole glass of beer in one gulp.