To choose love is to choose happiness-5

/November 2021

After waking up, du Xiaofei completely restored her previous life, and some people kept introducing her boyfriend, but none of them could make her move. Some friends said she was stupid, and she also thought she was stupid. 

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Until that snowy morning, she saw the familiar figure again at the station. 

Du Xiaofei was surprised and delighted to see the busman standing there watching a 902 bus go far away. He didn't know how to say hello to the busman. 

The busman stamped the snowflake on his foot and came over with a giggle: "I thought you wouldn't take the bus anymore." 

Unexpectedly, I saw you get on the bus yesterday, but there were too many people to let you see me, so today I especially walked two more stops to wait for you at this station! " 

Du Xiaofei also smiled, looked at the busman steadily, and squeezed out a sentence for a long time: "where's your girlfriend?" 

The busman also looked at du Xiaofei steadily: "We broke up." 

Where's your boyfriend? " 

Du Xiaofei's heart beat faster: "We broke up a long time ago." 

I've been waiting for you at this station for a long time! " 

The busman looked around and said, "there is a McDonald's over there. Dare you skip a day's work? I have something to say to you." 

Du Xiaofei nodded and told herself that when happiness came, she must seize it. 

Drinking warm coffee, du Xiaofei told the story of himself and the rich man, and the bus man also told his story: 

The busman fell in love with du Xiaofei when he first met her on the bus. 

Although the busman is in charge of sales, he is not good at expressing his feelings, and he is afraid that he will not be able to meet du Xiaofei in the future, so he has to walk two more stops to the station where du Xiaofei gets on the bus every day to ensure that he and du Xiaofei get on the same bus; to stay with du Xiaofei for a while, he will have to take a few more stops. 

Then one day, the busman suddenly couldn't see du Xiaofei. He thought du Xiaofei was sick, but he didn't wait for several days. 

Fearing that du Xiaofei would change his work time, the busman arrived at the station early and waited until very late until he saw du Xiaofei sitting in the rich man's private car. 

The woman next to the busman on Christmas Eve is a big customer of the busman, who has always liked the busman. She even promised the busman that as long as she was her boyfriend, she would leave all her business to the busman. 

The busman only regarded her as an ordinary friend. After learning that du Xiaofei had a boyfriend, the busman changed his mind: he could try to date that woman. Maybe he would fall in love with her so that he could struggle ten years less. 

But later, like du Xiaofei's story, a friend could not become a girlfriend after all, and the bus man broke up with that woman. 

Du Xiaofei smiled and held up the coffee cup: "it seems that not only women in this world have to face the temptation of money, but men can't escape either." 

Come on, let's drink to the two of us fools! " 

The busman smiled, too. 

Du Xiaofei chose love, and the bus man also chose love, so they chose happiness.