Tokyo Love Story-1

/October 2021

If there is an eternal future, there is no so-called beginning. 

I have never been attracted to anyone, but because of you, I am very serious. 

I have never been serious for anyone, just because of you, I love most. 

I wish to love you all my life. I can't do without you. 

Think about it for more than half a year. I met her in AU half a year ago. I already had a fiancee at that time, but I don't know why I chose my wife on AU without hesitation. I feel that I will be with her forever. 

I never felt this way. At that time, I was sure that I was really in love with her. I let go of my three-year relationship with my former girlfriend, and I chose her. 

I have no regret at all, from the beginning to the present, and I still cherish it very much. I am very careful and careful about my love for her. I am really afraid that I will run away if we have known each other for more than 3 months. I wanted to see her heart. I met her on July 2. I didn't know when I saw her. I was so strange at that time that I was embarrassed to speak. 

Remember the mood at that time, is very happy, and her feeling is not clear. 

Finding that I love her so much, I think my choice will not be wrong. 

I deeply felt that time passed so quickly at that time. I stayed with her for three days and I was about to return to my hometown. I was very reluctant to leave at that time. I wanted to take care of her and worried that she would not take care of herself. 

When I get home, I am more sure that she will be the wife of my life, and I will be with her forever. 

I won't let her down. 

I stayed at home for so long! 

I miss her very much. I think of her every day and worry about her. I eat very little without her. I want to have her by my side. 

Time went by like that, and she promised me that she would come to me on October 1st. Do you know how I live every day? 

Every day counts the date, and the day goes by so slowly. 

On September 20, she said she would come early. My plan was October 1. At that time, I asked why she would come ahead of time. She said, is it not good for me to come ahead of time? 

In fact, in my heart, I want her to come soon. It's hard to see the date every day. 

Because it was October 1st, it was hard to buy tickets. 

If she can't get a ticket, I'll pick you up there if you buy it. 

No matter where I will, even if I am willing to go to Shanghai to pick her up, she is also very depressed, she has only the last resort, booked a plane ticket, she came by plane, so we are together again. 

It feels good to be together. 

I think everyone will know what it's like to be with someone you love very much. 

Baby, I love you so much. 

She has lived here for more than 10 days, and I can't bear to leave her. She told me to pack up my things when I got home, and that she would spend time with me when she sent them. 

In this way, I reluctantly sent her away. I knew she wanted to go home at that time. 

At that time, after National Day, it was very difficult to buy tickets. 

In this way, she was anxious to go home, and she also made the car without a seat. I know she was very hard on the car, baby, you know? 

I would have felt bad at that time. I didn't want you to suffer. 

Do you know? 

I'm here to say I'm sorry, baby. 

In this way, we will be separated for another month. Alas, it is only one month. On November 1st, I ran to Hefei by car to meet her. We agreed to go there together to meet her mother.

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