True love fairy tales

/October 2021

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Andre Ivanov, a 26-year-old man, originally had a beautiful young fiancee. The two were deeply in love with each other, believing that the other was the one they loved most and the most important person in their lives. 

The loving couple began to happily prepare for the wedding, set a date for the wedding, and sent wedding invitations to their relatives and friends. 

Ivanov was immersed in the happiness of being a bridegroom every day, and every day he looked forward to the early arrival of the wedding day. 

However, no one would have thought that just the day before the wedding, the bride-to-be was suddenly involved in a car accident and died on the spot. She left in such a hurry that she didn't even have time to say goodbye to her fianc√© Ivanov. 

When he learned that his fiancee died in a car accident, Ivanov only felt that the world was spinning around, and the whole world suddenly lost its color in his eyes, and he even forgot how to cry. 

After losing the one he loved most, Ivanov's inner world collapsed, and the world had no meaning in his eyes. 

The original wedding became the bride's funeral. 

Although many relatives and friends advised Ivanov to be sorry for his loss, such comfort could not heal the blow caused by the loss of a loved one. 

Ivanov had already made a decision silently in his heart: he no longer wanted to live alone in the world but would follow the other half of his life. 

As night fell, the disillusioned Ivanov went to the Beraya River Bridge alone, carrying his friends and relatives, ready to jump into the river and die. 

When he came to the bridge more than 30 meters high from the river, ready to jump over the railing into the cold river, he suddenly found that a young woman also tried to jump into the river to kill herself. she had climbed onto the railing of the bridge. 

Ivanov jumped on it without hesitation, hugged the girl tightly, and saved her life. 

The girl who tried to commit suicide is Maria Petrova. 

She became pregnant because she tasted forbidden fruit with her boyfriend, but she was mercilessly abandoned by her boyfriend. 

Her parents were furious when they found out that their 21-year-old daughter was pregnant unmarried. 

Maria felt that there was no place for her and her fetus in this indifferent world. Homeless, she came to the Belaya River Bridge alone, determined to stay away from the world that made her sad. Unexpectedly, she was rescued by Ivanov, who came here to die. 

The girl fell into his arms and began to sob. 

He knew that she must have had similar grief, so he couldn't help crying with her. 

Ivanov's cry stunned the heartbroken Maria, who did not know why her savior looked a thousand times sadder than she was. 

She forgot her grief for a moment and asked Ivanov with concern what had happened that made him so sad. 

Ivanov told Maria as if he had met a bosom friend about the tragedy of his fiancee's accidental death the day before her marriage and the idea that he was going to die for her. Maria also told Ivanov about her unmarried pregnancy, being abandoned by her boyfriend, and being driven out of the house by her parents. 

Two people you say I listen, I say you listen, take turns to pour out the sadness in their hearts. 

In the end, they all felt much better, and with each other's comfort and encouragement, they all gave up the idea of committing suicide. 

"after saving her from the railing, we hugged each other tightly and told each other about our misfortunes," Ivanov recalled. 

We kept talking, crying, comforting, and encouraging, and at that moment, we became each other's last straw, and finally, we forgot why we were here. 

That night, we saved each other's lives. " 

Ivanov and Maria agreed that they would never think of suicide again, but to help each other through the darkest period of their lives. 

Their fate is just like fate: the two young men and women who once hovered in the devil's door soon fell in love with each other and fell deeply in love with each other. 

They seem to be gifts from God to each other, sent by God to accompany each other through the haze of life. 

The two men firmly believed that it was fate because on the night they met, they saved each other's lives: had it not been for the chance encounter with Maria, the heartbroken Ivanov would have plunged into a cold river more than 30 meters deep; if it had not been for Ivanov, Maria would have been a ghost in the Belaya River. 

Ivanov is going to have another wedding to marry his bride, Maria, and he believes that his dead fiancee will bless them with a smile in heaven.