Understand, the most affectionate-1

/October 2021

In the month, there is always a beautiful dark fragrance floating, life is warm and insipid, there are joys and sorrows, the petals of memory always find a fulcrum of the soul. 

In the corner of time, there is always a surprise hidden, perhaps in the next alley, a good understanding will come as promised. 

Like the word, hidden fragrance, and a look forward to the future, waiting for a very bitter, but never let down, flowers and warm sun as promised, for you to interpret a spring, you walk on the spring breeze, is the great joy of my life.?. 

A cup of tea, waiting for a person who understands it, sometimes, people are also waiting for a cup of tea, if you are willing to wait, tea does not fail you; a flower is waiting to appreciate her bosom friend, if you know, she will be happy. 

All our lives, we are just looking for an understanding, a warm companion, and a person who can hold hands. 

Understanding is a ray of fragrance in the gentle years, the companionship of the insipid life, the collection after the flowers have fallen, the persistence after a hundred twists and turns, the long road, the understanding, the strength for you in the ups and downs, the silence of the years, a kind of warmth, the one that follows without saying a word. 

People who understand you, from your behavior, words, and deeds, will be able to see through your mind, think what you think, solve your worries, understand your people, do not need too much expression, just a look can understand all of you. 

Those who understand you will be able to see you at a glance in the sea of people, knowing that there is really no need to say more, and silence is also affectionate. 

There is a past in everyone's heart, and there is an unforgettable part in everyone's story. 

Your clear eyes have passed through the confusion of the years, give me joy, your smile has warmed the coolness of my time. 

Understand, is in the sea of people, only staring at the joy; is to know each other, but pass by the melancholy; is the crowd to find him thousands of degrees, that person is whirling in the dim lights. 

If I am a leaf in the wind, I hope I can fall with the most beautiful posture because I don't want you to see my sadness, if I am a touch of warm sun, I hope to store some warmth for you before the wind and rain come, so that the bright and beautiful can illuminate your heart, maybe the beauty in this world is somewhat desolate, the fate is the silent waiting in the depths of the clouds and water, it is the warmth of a piece of paper, and it is the most beautiful poem line of time freehand brushwork. 

The most beautiful thing to understand is that you come, and I happen to be here to spend a period of verdant time at my fingertips. 

A beautiful encounter is like a touch of light on the way, illuminating a person's life, that understanding can even ignite a person's life. 

In the dim lights, there is always some obsession, telling that you are deeply in love, your affection, his past, may have become a touch of Acacia many years later, it is also the most amazing stroke in life. 

Time is the best recorder, he collects those petals and dark fragrances, fragrant with the smoke of the past. 

Your smile, such as the spring breeze, is properly attached to the time of those red lips and white teeth, and those poems with tenderness have been graceful for many years. 

How much do you know that you can make a flower blossom in the country of the soul? 

How much knowledge, can be in the clouds and smoke of the years, as clear as yesterday? 

Understand, let the two lonely hearts no longer be confused; understand, let the long passers-by no longer boring, understand, so that the footsteps are no longer lonely. 

If you understand, a person's journey also has warmth and poetry; if you know, you can also find warmth in the cold wind and rain; if you know, the turning point is the willow bank flowers; if you know, the lack of a full moon is also the scenery. 

Understand, such as a line of verse, the writer, the person who walks like Jane, and the person who reads, the word is like face to face. 

If a name, in another person's heart, has the body temperature of life, smiles with tears, knows cold, and knows warmth, then simple words are no longer just a symbol, but a real and smart existence, because understand, so believe, if you are safe, it is a sunny day.

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