Understand, the most affectionate-2

/October 2021

Life, how much parting, there will be how many meets, noisy world, there are always some lonely souls, walking on the lonely road, and understand, is a ray of fragrance, through the vast sea of people, come faintly, such as flowers dew, moistening the heart. 

It flows quietly in time, so that meet or not, Tianya or close at hand, have become a joy and expectation. 

Because understand, years will no longer be freehand confused; because understand, life will no longer be boring; because understand, all the twists and turns are worth it. 

A love, if cherished, is enough to be grateful, and a person who likes it, if he can meet, is happy enough. 

In this life, there is nothing better than a knot, bound with a flower, bound with a clump of green, bound with you, and then snuggle up to see thousands of things in the world. 

Perhaps, in the end, there is no way to grasp some fate, yesterday's branches of time, but also red cherries, green plantains, some people or things, remember or forget, are also the scenery. 

The sound of green mountains and green waters is quiet, I do not know who has touched the strings, but there will always be some memories, warm the mountains and rivers along the way, even if separated by the years, because of understanding, joy Ansheng will also be permanent in the bottom of my heart. 

Because of understanding, so compassion. 

In the world, how many care and know each other, have nothing to do with the wind and the moon, how many unforgettable, but the enemy years are far-reaching, spring flowers are gorgeous, whose fingertips have bloomed? 

Thousands of miles of the bright moon, for whom have you been lovesickness? 

How many people have met for the first time and can do it again in this life? 

Looking back, those dust-raving words are just impenetrable Zen, an elegy that can not be sung, once ten miles of red makeup, heart dark Xu, and finally a fireworks feast, now write a journey of landscape, a page of poetry, but already have nothing to do with Acacia, and understand. 

Want to listen to the wind with you in the afternoon, bathe in the warm sunshine, want to stand side by side with you, see the same scenery, there is a kind of understanding, it is a touch of nostalgia after a hundred turns and thousands of times, it is a poem written with you after a long time, it is the most stable writing that you wrote for me after a thousand sails. 

Time, describing the day as a flower, leaves a touch of spring in the bottom of my heart, there will be a corner of warmth, take in my wandering. 

Xu an ordinary time, with you in an old word, with silent characters, write romance, but also write firewood, rice, oil and salt, the deepest feelings, hidden in the heart, placed in the farthest end of the world. 

When you are by my side, I feel a hundred flowers blossom and birds sing, and cicadas sing. 

The world is flashy, not as good as your company, whether it is spring blossoms, or colorful, pleasing to the soul, in the hometown of love, understand you, is the deepest love, you are in, is the fulfillment of this life.

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