Unrequited Love on the Bicycle-1

/November 2021

When I was in high school, I was a stray cat on campus. Skipping class and being late was a common occurrence for me. I held a world-famous book every day and let my writer's dream dance. 

The headteacher talked to me several times and asked me whether I lived on campus or not. 

I told the headteacher that I couldn't stand those smelly socks and shoes in the dormitory and the thunderous snoring, so I was still my day student. 

Because the school is very close to home, I only need to cross a shopping street and a path to get to the school. 

But even so, I am often late. 

The headteacher had to give me an ultimatum that it was OK not to stay on campus, but I was not allowed to be late. 

I promised, but privately I still went my own way. It was common to be 10 minutes late. In the end, the teacher had to come up with a countermeasure in order not to let me be late. 

That is, let me stand at the door of the classroom as long as I am late. 

From then on, I often stood guard at the door of the classroom to meet the shells my classmates made with their eyes. I fought alone and fought back with indifference and arrogance. 

Later, I feel that they are a group of boring guys, and their general knowledge is a boring thing. 

When these bored guys looked at me again, I had already slipped away under their noses. 

At this time, I have been walking freely on the playground, watching other classes in the playground physical education class. 

Sometimes, I can get into their team and kick two feet, but I am often driven out unkindly by them. 

That's when she bumped into my sight. 

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She was dressed in sportswear, very quiet, holding a book, and reading under a plane tree next to the playground. 

In the days that followed, I often met her on the playground. After more time, I became acquainted with her. I knew that her name was Mo Xiaomi, a classmate of the neighboring class. Like me, I was often punished by the teacher at the door because I was late. 

I thought to myself, boys like me can't stand their ridicule, not to mention how a girl can stand the gloating eyes of this rabble.