Unrequited Love on the Bicycle-2

/November 2021

Slowly, Xiao Ai and I became more and more familiar with each other, and later we called each other difficult friends. 

When I ask her why she is often late, she always smiles but doesn't answer. 

This aroused my curiosity, I decided to do a mysterious follow-up to see why such a reading, very quiet girl, like me often late. 

My follow-up began at noon one day after school. 

I ran out of school ahead of time and took refuge in a place, waiting for Xiao Ai to appear. 

Finally, Xiao Ai appeared, and to my surprise, she kept walking on the path, out of the path, and through the downtown. Finally, she went into a very narrow alley and into a small courtyard, which is a very old courtyard. The house is a tiled house and has some history. 

I was wondering whether I should go in and have a look, or should I turn around and leave. While I was hesitating, Xiao Ai suddenly opened the door. I didn't have time to hide. With apologies on my face, I said awkwardly, "do you live here?" 

Xiao Ai Bai gave me a look and closed the door. I guess she was angry. 

Later, Xiao Ai and I became friends, and she also intermittently told me something about her. Her father, a mine leader, was implicated in a mine accident and his mother remarried. 

She volunteered to come back from a key high school in the provincial capital, studying in a small town while waiting on her elderly and frail grandmother. 

After knowing Xiao Ai's experience, I suddenly felt that the reason for being late between me and Xiao Ai was so different that I suddenly had a little pity for this girl in my heart. 

I asked Em, why don't you buy a bike? 

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In this way, you won't be late for class. 

Xiao Ai smiled but did not answer, I know, maybe I should not ask, because in her case, a bike is a luxury. 

Looking at Xiao Ai, I didn't even think about it, so I said, "We are not far apart. In the future, I will be responsible for picking you up." 

Xiao Ai happily agreed, and the two young hearts were simply and truly happy.