Unrequited Love on the Bicycle-3

/November 2021

We agreed not to be late again, my bike became Xiao Ai's chauffeured car, and I became her rickshaw driver. 

We became friends who talked about everything, sprinkling our youth and happiness on the bike. 

No one can stop the initiation of puberty. I found that I gradually fell in love with Xiao Ai. I liked her purity, her happiness, and the way she looked when she was reading. She was never late again, and I became a boy in the class who was not hated by others because of Em. 

I always wanted to tell Em what I thought. I secretly wrote to Em, but tore it up again and again, because I didn't want to ruin my relationship with Em because of my abruptness. 

After countless letters and tearing up the letter, I finally plucked up the courage to throw the letter to her after sending her home once and then ran away awkwardly. 

What I didn't want to happen happened, and Xiao Em no longer asked me to send her. 

She became cold and strange. 

I regret that I should not have written to her, the original simple and happy life is slowly getting farther and farther away from me. 

Xiao Ai suddenly rejected me thousands of miles away, which was unacceptable to me. I once thought she could make me mature. Unexpectedly, when I left her, the once rebellious boy came back. I told my classmates about Xiao Ai. I told my classmates that I fell in love with Xiao Ai and separated from her for various reasons. 

I told the most unreal thoughts in my heart, and I thought that hurting her might be the best way to get rid of it. 

The boy who was late skipped class and was cynical reappeared. 

Xiao Ai finally replied to me with a letter that said, "it's time for us to have a good talk." 

We met in the grove behind the campus, and as a result, none of us spoke. We were silent at first, and then she cried so loudly that I was out of my mind. 

I know why she cried, because my words hurt her, she has been unwilling to tell anyone about her family, her life. 

But I, after knowing her secret, told others without scruples. 

Looking at her extremely sad appearance, my heartache is extremely painful, regret extremely. 

Later, I never saw Xiao Ai again, and she seemed to evaporate overnight. 

Later, I learned that her grandmother had died and she went back to the provincial capital. I knew that she wanted to talk to me. She said goodbye to me. 

Five years later, I met Xiao Ai at a chance meeting. 

She became mature, elegant, and attractive. 

I confessed to her that I was naive and hurt her. 

She smiled and said she had forgotten. 

The other day, I said I wanted to borrow a bike and show her around the provincial capital, but she didn't refuse. 

Nodding, smoke floated between our eyes, and the past of youth slowly unfolded in our minds.

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