Van Gogh's love story 3: 150 francs to break off the engagement

/November 2021

After two setbacks in love, Van Gogh paid more attention to painting. 

Once, while sketching, Van Gogh met Christina, who used to be a prostitute. 

Two people you come to live with me, it feels very speculative. 

Every time, Christina works as a model for Van Gogh after work, sometimes cooking, cooking, and washing clothes for him. 

These actions made Van Gogh feel the warmth of home and gave him the idea of getting married. 

Before long, two people in need of comfort moved in together. 

For Van Gogh, Christina has a venerable quality, and being with Christina increases his confidence and strength. 

Van Gogh doesn't want to just take Christina as his mistress. He wants to marry Christina, live together, and love each other. 

Van Gogh is happy to have a harmonious and happy family, no matter how hard it is. 

Christina also wants to be a good wife and mother as much as possible. 

Although outsiders pointed fingers at them, the two lovers decided without hesitation: get married when Van Gogh earns 150 francs a month. 

However, Christina broke her body when she was a prostitute, and her weak body needed a lot of nutrition. 

Van Gogh, who is almost obsessed with painting, spent a lot of money on buying paints and hiring models, which made Christina distressed, and the conflict between the two deepened day by day. 

In the end, Van Gogh broke off his relationship with Christina and ended his third love because he could not earn 150 francs a month.

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