Van Gogh's love story II: touching social taboos and falling in love with cousin

/November 2021

In 1881, Van Gogh came home to visit his relatives and met cousin Kai, who had just become a widow. Cousin Kai was warm and generous, and van Gogh was almost intoxicated by her beauty. 

Kay is a typical Dutch woman with dark maroon hair, charming sparkle in her blue eyes, and plump lips that open slightly like budding flowers. 

Van Gogh was suddenly pleased with Eugenia's refusal. He felt that his past love was so superficial that Eugenia was just an ignorant child. 

Van Gogh believed that spending time with cousin Kai was much more valuable than spending time with Eugenia. 

Kai made him know love again and understand the true meaning of love. 

In 19th-century Holland, however, marrying a cousin was a serious social taboo. 

And, to van Gogh's sadness, like his first love, Eugenia, Kay had little interest in him. 

Van Gogh found that cousin Kai always avoided the topic of love and marriage and never gave him any chance to express his love. 

One day, after lunch, when Van Gogh and Kay were resting in the shade of a tree by the stream, Van Gogh could not help confiding his heart to Kay, but Kay left angrily when he heard Van Gogh's confession. 

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Although van Gogh was heartbroken by the merciless refusal of cousin Kai, he bravely decided to go to his uncle's house to find cousin Kai. 

But when my uncle saw that it was Van Gogh, he wouldn't even open the door for him. 

His uncle repeatedly told him that Kai was not at home. 

To see his cousin, the paranoid Van Gogh unexpectedly took a kerosene lamp, put his hand on the flame of the kerosene lamp, and said to his uncle, "Let me meet my cousin, or I will keep my hand on the lamp." 

Van Gogh's uncle quickly blew out the lamp and took him to a nearby bar to get him drunk. 

However, after being drunk, Van Gogh still failed to see his cousin, but got a tougher answer from his uncle: "you can never be with her!" 

A great sadness filled Van Gogh's heart and destroyed his body and spirit. 

Van Gogh had to work harder. Frustrated by such a cruel love, Van Gogh had no extravagance, but only wanted to live on his own.