Van Gogh's love story one: love is wishful thinking

/November 2021

In the autumn of 1869, the 16-year-old Uncle Van Gogh was introduced to an art shop as a clerk. 

Honest, reliable, intelligent, and diligent, he was soon promoted and sent to London. 

In London, he fell in love with the landlady's daughter Eugenia at first sight. 

Van Gogh, with an ugly appearance and bent back as he walked, looked like a little old man and was fascinated by Eugenia as an unparalleled beauty. 

Van Gogh was eccentric by nature, unworldly and unsociable. 

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But the magic of love is often powerful, and Van Gogh has completely changed his personality since he met Eugenia. 

He was involved in the whirlpool of love, felt the joys of ordinary life, and became an occasionally humorous and beloved person. 

Van Gogh, who is new to the world, openly admitted his admiration for Eugenia. 

However, Van Gogh's persistent pursuit did not get anything in return. On the contrary, Eugenia hated his fierce pursuit offensive. 

When Van Gogh courted her, she firmly refused. 

Van Gogh cannot observe words and emotions, let alone thoroughly understand what women think. 

Eugenia never expressed any affection for Van Gogh, but he has been in a fantasy state of love, this fruitless relationship finally failed. 

After being lovelorn, Van Gogh still could not forget Eugenia. He often went to Eugenia's home to find her and tried to express his sincere love, hoping that Eugenia would change his mind. 

When Van Gogh courted Eugenia again, Eugenia told him that he had already been engaged a year ago. 

This heavy blow almost made Van Gogh desperate, but he also dreamed of snatching Eugenia back from the arms of others. 

Van Gogh worked hard to find an opportunity until one day Van Gogh saw Eugenia snuggled up in the arms of a tall, thin man, and the two kissed passionately. 

All of Van Gogh's dreams were disillusioned, and it was as if his heart had been taken away. 

Then, in agony, he left London and went to Paris. 

In 1880, his brother Theo, who worked in an art shop, helped Van Gogh, then 27, to study painting. 

Although the economic situation is not optimistic, the painting brought endless joy to Van Gogh, so that he temporarily forgot to miss Eugenia.