Waiting and waiting

/September 2021

When a beautiful appearance is worn away, an elegant soul can last forever.

Sometimes, elegance does not mean that everything comes true easily, but a kind of patient waiting and bitter waiting, until the spring flowers and autumn months are ripe.

Waiting and waiting for Schumann's youth, he lived in the home of musician Vic. He and Clara, the musician's daughter, play the piano together, create together and hold small concerts together. Schumann was 19 and Clara was 12. Gradually, the young Clara fell in love with her father's student from the bottom of her heart. She was afraid that Schumann would fall in love with others first. She begged him to say, "Please wait for me to grow up."

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Schumann later lost his fingers because of excessive piano practice, and could no longer fulfill his piano dream, so he had to learn composition instead. At this time, Clara, who was growing up, comforted him and said, "Let me lend you my finger." The feelings of two people are getting deeper and deeper, and they cannot be separated from each other. In the end, Clara not only became Schumann's right-hand man and bosom friend, but also got her wish to be Schumann's wife. They yearned for it in love: "Let's create a life like poetry, compose music and play together, and bring joy to mankind like angels."

People say that in the history of German music, this is a pair of "Gemini constellations". Wherever Schumann's name shines, it also reflects Clara's light.

However, due to the pressure of life and excessive investment in creation, Schumann, a generation of musical genius, finally fell ill in his forties and died young. Clara has not come out of the shadow of sadness for a long time. She almost completely shut herself off from contact with outsiders. Finally, Brahms, Schumann's student, reminded her, "If you really love your teacher, you should cheer up and live well, instead of burying with him."

At this point, Brahms is less than 20 years old. He has been studying music with Schumann with a heart of admiration. After the teacher died, he felt that he had the responsibility to take good care of Jenny who was eight years older than himself. However, Clara never accepted Brahms' love all her life. Although she has already seen Brahms' extraordinary musical talent, she also firmly believes that Brahms will shine brilliantly in the music world one day, but she also clearly understands that once she accepts the love of Brahms, who is eight years younger than herself, she is afraid that this young musician's life will be ruined and Schumann's untimely death will be repeated. Brahms has only buried his love for Clara in his heart ever since. The violin master lived to the age of 82, but never married.

The story of Brahms and Clara adds another elegant love story to the music history. Unlike his teacher Schumann, this story seems to tell the world:

Elegance sometimes comes from silent restraint and silent forbearance.