Waiting for you baby

/September 2021

There was a young man named Cruise in London. He fell in love with the beautiful girl Anna. He couldn't send this to his beloved girl like a rich man, so he adopted a unique courtship way: he waited at the intersection where Anna passed every day, and as soon as Anna appeared, he whistled behind her.  

Cruise plays the same tune every day, and his voice is tactfully beautiful and pleasing to the ear. This is his song, and its title is Waiting for You, Baby. Cruise touched Anna's heart with a wonderful whistle. Anna also learned to play this music. 

Soon after the outbreak of World War II, Cruise was drafted into the army and joined the front line. Anna misses her sweetheart day and night and goes to church every day to pray for God to bless Cruise's safe return. Six months later, bad news came: Cruise's troops were defeated, almost annihilated, Cruise disappeared, and his life and death were uncertain. 

Anna couldn't bear such a blow and fell ill. During her stay in the hospital, Alice, a young nurse, took good care of Anna, and Anna told Alice her love story with Cruise. Anna plays Waiting for You Baby every day as if Cruise could hear it. Slowly, Alice also learned.  

After Anna was discharged from hospital, she whistled every day, looking for Cruise in the station dock or bar where soldiers haunted. She believes Cruise will not die and will come to her as soon as she hears the familiar whistle. Unfortunately, Cruise has never been heard from.  

It was raining cats and dogs that day, and the heaven and earth were gray. Anna was walking in the street when she suddenly saw a familiar figure in front of her. Is that Cruise? Anna was so excited that her whole body's blood surged up to her head. A closer look reveals that Cruise's sleeves are empty. Anna suddenly understood that her sweetheart was afraid of dragging her down because she didn't have an arm. To hide on purpose. Tears blurred Anna's eyes.  

"Cruise! Dear! " Anna cried wildly with deep affection and chased her desperately. Just then, a truck raced by and knocked her to the ground. Anna was sent to the hospital and died because of her injuries. Before dying, Anna realized that the man she was chasing was not Cruise. Anna begged Alice to help her find Cruise and told him that she would not be his bride in this life, and she would marry him in the next life.  

Soon, a whistling woman appeared in the place where the soldiers haunted. It was Alice. One day, a passing officer heard the whistle and was surprised to ask, "Are you playing Waiting for You, Baby?" Alice's eyes brightened. "Yes, you've heard it before?" "Yes." The officer told Alice that the troops he commanded saved several British soldiers besieged by the Germans in a battle, among them a corporal named Cruise. During the battle, Cruise played this song.  

Alice jumped up excitedly. "Where's Cruise?" The officer said, "Because of the fierce battle, the troops were scattered. I passed out and woke up in the field hospital. There was no news about Cruise. " Alice is very depressed. Is Cruise no longer in this world?  

A few months later, the hospital had to transfer some personnel to the front line. Alice was the first to sign up. She hoped to find Cruise and fulfill Anna's last wish. Alice got her to wish and came to the frontline battlefield hospital. While she devoted herself to treating the wounded, she inquired about Cruise's whereabouts and played Waiting for You, Baby to the wounded with deep affection.  

One day, a staff sergeant with a head injury and coma was taken to hospital. According to the soldiers who sent him, this staff sergeant was found on their way back to the army and probably escaped from a German prison camp.  

A few days later, the staff sergeant woke up under Alice's care. His mood is very low, and his injured eyes are covered with thick gauze all day, so he always loses his temper and even refuses treatment. Alice tried her best to persuade the staff sergeant but to no avail.  

Strangely, on this day, when the sergeant heard Alice whistle, he suddenly seemed to be hit by a bullet and remained motionless. He lost his voice and asked, "Anna? Are you Anna? " 

Alice froze. Could he be the Cruise that Anna wanted so much? She was excited: "Cruise, is that you? Is it you? Finally found you! Anna ...... "The word" Anna "just came out, and Alice suddenly stopped: If you tell the truth about Anna's death, will Cruise accept it? An idea flashed through Alice's mind: Cruise's eyes could not see, so he had to hide it from him first. So she hugged Cruise tightly and shouted, "Dear, I am Anna!"  

The cruise was so excited that she couldn't help playing Waiting for You, Baby with Alice. Beautiful whistles echoed in the huge ward, and everyone listened with bated breath. At this moment, everyone forgot the war, and their hearts were full of warmth.  

The power of love is enormous. The cruise began to cooperate with the treatment hard, and his injury soon recovered. Seeing that Cruise's eyes can see the light again soon, Alice can't help worrying: Cruise loves Anna deeply, and if he finds that she is not his sweetheart, will his spirit collapse?  

Alice found the dean and told the truth. She didn't want to see Cruise suffer from mental trauma again. Alice and Dean decided to transfer Cruise to another hospital before the gauze on her eyes was removed.  

Alice came to the ward and said to Cruise, "Dear, I'm going to transfer my job. When the war is over, I'll see you back in London!" Cruise seemed unexpectedly calm. He held Alice's hand tightly and said with deep affection, "Anna, please remember that Cruise's heart will always be with you whether you live or die." When Alice was in tears, she restrained her emotions and once again played Waiting for You, Baby with Cruise …  

The war was finally over, and Alice returned to London. The first thing she needs to do is to come to Anna's grave and tell Anna, "Cruise is still alive." Later, Alice plucked up the courage to express her wish: she was willing to replace Anna and accompany Cruise for the rest of her life.  

When Alice murmured. A handsome British second lieutenant appeared behind her. The second lieutenant stared at Alice's back and played Waiting for You, Baby … Alice turned around and asked him strangely, "Who are you? Do you know Anna? " The second lieutenant said, "Alice, do you remember that seriously injured staff sergeant in the field hospital? It's me! "  

Alice was stunned. Originally, the second lieutenant was Yi Kandi, who was captured by the Germans during the war. Later, he met Cruise, who was also captured in the prison camp, and they became bosom friends. Cruise told Yi Kangdi about his love for Anna and taught Yi Kangdi to whistle. They played Waiting for You, Baby every day. Later, when the prisoners escaped from prison, Cruise was shot and killed as a cover for Yi Kandi. Yi Kandi, who was seriously injured, was rescued and sent to the hospital. When Alice blew a familiar whistle, Yi Kandi thought she was Anna. He could not bear, to tell the truth about Cruise's sacrifice, so he pretended to be Cruise to comfort Anna ... When he was discharged from the hospital after the injury, he asked the dean to tell Anna the truth, only to know that Anna turned out to be Alice. Yi Kangdi swore that as soon as the war was over, he would immediately look for Alice and express his love to her.  

Candy spoke slowly, and Alice was already in tears. Two sincere and kind hearts are closely attached.

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