Warm love-1

/October 2021

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Every day in this city, there will be a lot of people who pass by each other for a variety of reasons. 

They are not affectionate, just because the love of youth is like a leaf, too thin and light. 


The most typical climate of this central city is that spring and autumn are short and winter and summer are long. 

It is still bitterly cold at the beginning of February every year, but in a short period of one or two months, spring is completely driven away, and summer comes before Lin Jiani has time to change her spring clothes in the wardrobe. 

For many girls of her age, they always like this kind of weather. 

They can apply various colors of nail polish on their toes and wear shorts or small vests that are short enough to reveal part of their buttocks, revealing their bud-like breasts. 

Lin Jiani did not like summer, and she could not help stroking the beautiful scars on her calves through her trousers at the thought of the white, delicate legs under the knee-length flower skirts and their young owners. 

Originally, the skin was also white and clean, but when I was a child, I was scalded by an overturned thermos bottle, and the upper half of my calf was completely destroyed. 

The large scars lay there like a toad. 

Restraining herself from thinking about it, she carefully inserted a birthday card on top of the cake, then squeezed out the chocolate sauce from the flower bag and wrote carefully: "I would like to have a heart, and the white heads will not leave each other." 

The cake was ordered by the boy last night. 

Just before closing time, the boy ran over, pushed open the glass door, looked at Lin Jiani, who was taking off her pink and purple work dress, and said eagerly: my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow, order a cake. 

I'll pick it up tomorrow. 

After paying the deposit, he wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve and ran away quickly. 

Lin Jiani has been working part-time in this western cake shop for one year and seven months. 

She wanted to save her money, because the doctor said that to get rid of the "toad", she had to get a skin graft, which cost 20,000 yuan.