Warm love-2

/October 2021

The boy didn't come until he closed the next day. 

Before that, there were often some customers who ordered cakes and didn't come to pick them up. It wasn't the first time that Lin Jiani had encountered this situation. When she had nothing to do, she thought about many reasons: maybe the boy was so shy that he suddenly backed out when he wanted to take advantage of the girl's birthday; maybe he and his girlfriend broke up unexpectedly, so they canceled the original plan; maybe. 

That boy is not much different from the other boys who often come to the store to order cakes. 

Today's boys are all Han or Hari, with long hair, riveted trousers, and a knee-length sports bag. 

The same is true of her boyfriend Ruan Jintian. 

Because Ruan Jintian often came to the western cake shop and got to know him. 

At first, he always came with a girl. 

They never sit face to face but sit in the same row. 

Boys by the aisle, girls by the window. 

Sometimes, the boy whispered something in the girl's ear, and the girl looked stunned, then laughed and poked the tip of his nose with her finger. 

Of course, it's all hypocritical punishment. 

It was like this for more than half a year. 

Later, he came alone, still sitting in the aisle seat, in a daze. 

Lin Jiani has seen a lot of this kind of situation. 

Lovelorn is like a tree by the side of the road in winter, losing all its leaves and looking so lonely and pitiful, but after spring comes, the leaves grow again, and in summer it is even more luxuriant. 

Those lovelorn boys and girls are intimate with their new girlfriends and boyfriends shoulder to shoulder again. 

Lin Jiani paid attention to Ruan Jintian for several days, so she tried to say hello to him. Ruan Jintian didn't care about her before. 

It was not until he saw the note she handed over that read, "can I know you?" that he looked at the girl in front of him carefully. 

In this way, some literature and art have come to know each other in an old-fashioned way.

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