Warm love-3

/October 2021

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Ruan Jintian opened a film bar in an alley on the side of Dacheng Road. 

It's several blocks away from the west point house. 

Show some films with the theme of the ocean. 

Lin Jiani has been there once. It looks like an Internet bar, but it is quieter than the Internet cafe. The room is not big, and everyone in it has a DVD player and a TV set. 

Most of them are from colleges and universities. 

Lin Jiani didn't like the scene of so many people and never went there again. 

Ruan Jintian told her that his father was a dolphin researcher. 

Floating at sea all the year round. 

This life of gathering less and leaving more completely destroyed their marriage. 

Nguyen Chin-tien never met his father and grew up beside his mother. 

All his contact with his father was that his father sent him some dolphin souvenirs. 

"if you would like to come to my house in the future, I will let you visit my dolphin memorial." 

When Ruan Jintian said this, he was full of pride, pride and hope. 

She really agreed to see his Dolphin Memorial. 

The house is in a long and narrow lane, an old-fashioned building, a two-story wooden building, which should have been built in the fifties and sixties, with red bricks and green tiles, and the balcony on the second floor is covered with green plants. 

The Dolphin Memorial is on the second floor, passing through narrow wooden ladders. 

Sometimes there is a squeak when I step on the board ladder. 

She was afraid to step on it. 

"it will be all right. You follow me." 

He walked ahead, holding her hand for the first time. 

She followed him carefully on the narrow ladder. 

The ladder is really narrow and it is difficult to pass two people. 

They were all side by side, face to face. 

Whether his hand touched her breast intentionally or unintentionally, she ran away in a panic. 

His room is really like a dolphin memorial. 

Pictures of more than a dozen kinds of dolphins, such as finless porpoises, real dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Chinese Baiji dolphins and striped original dolphins, are posted on doors and walls. 

Dolphin specimens of different sizes and materials filled the room.