Warm love-4

/October 2021

"unlike people, dolphins can't help breathing as long as life exists. 

They breathe on their own, and when they do not want to continue to live, they will consciously turn off their own breathing. " 

Ruan Jintian couldn't wait to tell Lin Jiani all the knowledge about dolphins in his mind. 

Lin Jiani was shocked and puzzled: "that means dolphins will commit suicide?" 

Ruan Jintian said: "Yes, it is said that dolphins are very emotional animals, and they often commit suicide because their owner has left, or another dolphin they love has changed their heart." 

"shall I take you to see a real dolphin in the future?" 

It was dusk when he sent her out of the alley, and he stuffed a huge doll of a white dolphin into her arms. 

It's a hint or a temptation. 

Her panicked heart was at a loss as to what to do, and finally said, "Yes." 

This is love. 

She wants to. 

She started dating Ruan Jintian. 

They walk, chat, watch the night view, eat, clubhouse, watch movies. 

Do what men and women do when they are in love. 

She gradually couldn't leave him, but never set a date to go with him to see the white dolphin. 

She knew that then they might go into the water together, and he would discover the secret of her calf. 

Tormented by this uneasiness, she counts her savings every day.

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