Warm love-5

/October 2021

By winter, she will finally be able to scrape together 20,000 yuan. 

She will soon be able to have an operation to remove the "toad" from her body. 

She could calmly promise Ruan Jintian to see the white dolphins and play with the dolphins. 

At that time, she will tell him how much she values and insists on this love, and if he betrays her, she will stop breathing like a dolphin. 

Just before closing that day, she silently counted her savings again. 

At this time, there were fewer and fewer people in the street, and only two or three pedestrians occasionally passed in front of the door. 

She took off her work dress and thought happily about a bright future. 

She seemed to see Nguyen Chin-tien crossing the road and coming towards her shop step by step. 

Then the door was pushed open and he held out a diamond ring from behind. 

But some sudden events always break her beautiful imagination easily. 

Just like now, she saw a tall figure suddenly flash in. Instead of holding a gun as in the movie, he just covered his face, took a sharp knife out of his pocket and put it on Lin Jiani's neck, and said, "if you don't want anything to happen, please do as I say." 

The masked man asked her to hang the "closed" sign on the door and then asked her to open the drawer and put all the banknotes in a black cloth bag that he had thrown in front of her. 

Lin Jiani, who was out of her mind, acted mechanically according to the instructions of the gangster. 

At this time, she suddenly saw the figure of Ruan Jintian coming out of the window. 

Nguyen Chin-tien should have seen what was going on in the house. 

She suddenly saw the light in the dark, and there was a bright light in her eyes, but in a moment, the light went out. Nguyen Chin-tien did not break in like a hero, but glanced in and walked away. 

"you want to die!" 

At this moment when Lin Jiani was in a daze, the masked man gave her a hard kick and then stabbed her in the leg. she was half on her knees, and before she could shout, her mouth was blocked by something, and then another knife. 

Lin Jiani watched the blood film winding on her legs and felt the cold blade as it swept across the warm flesh. She just kept thinking about a question: why did Nguyen Chin-tien run away so timidly when he saw himself hijacked outside the door?!

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