Warm love-6

/October 2021

Lin Jiani always has nightmares about the closing night, the wolf-like eyes, and the cold blade. 

The doctor skinned her leg. 

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Ruan Jintian came to the ward every day, but she never let him in. 

I didn't say anything. 

Just put himself in the quilt, as a dolphin sank to the bottom of the sea, tears burst down, but soon be included in the sea …... 

Ruan Jintian sent a text message saying: "even if your leg is ruined, I will still love you very much." 

She deleted the text message with a sneer. 

It was spring when she was discharged from the hospital, and she signed up for a self-help tour. 

The mobile phone number has also been changed. Self-service travel is advocated by a boy who experienced marine survival activities. The boy graduated from a marine biology college in Xiamen. 

The members of the self-service tour chartered a boat and sailed at sea for eight days. 

On the fourth day, when the ship arrived at the Jiulong River Estuary in Xiamen, a group of white dolphins appeared in everyone's line of sight. 

Many tourists are scrambling to turn on their cameras. 

At that time, she was sitting on the deck with the boy, and the boy said, "do you know?" 

Unlike people, dolphins can still breathe when they are unconscious, but dolphins can't. They breathe on their own and need consciousness to control their breathing. 

When they do not want to continue to live, they will consciously close their breath. " 

She smiled softly, looked surprised, and said, "really?" 

When the boy hugged her shoulder, she didn't refuse. 

She just looked at the trees on the beach not far away. They had lost all their leaves, but when spring came, they grew again. 

She once thought that being lovelorn was so earth-shaking that she would close her breath for someone like a dolphin. he was just a leaf on the tree of her youth. 

What she never knew was that the boy she saw outside the window that night was not Ruan Jintian. 

The truth is: a boy wants to order a birthday cake for his girlfriend. Like many boys in the city, he has long hair and riveted pants. 

When he approached the door and saw the sign "closed", he turned and ran to another West Point house. 

He knew that if he didn't hurry up, other shops would be closed. 

"Ruan Jintian" is just an illusion when she is afraid-when people are most helpless, they always hallucinate the person they want to rely on most. 

After that, they could have easily cleared up the misunderstanding, but she didn't give him a chance to explain, and he lost patience after sending roses for a week. 

Every day in this city, there will be a lot of people who pass by each other for a variety of reasons. 

They are not affectionate, just because the love of youth is like a leaf, too thin and light.