Warm the bed-2

/October 2021

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Lying in his warm quilt, I was complacent about the success of my little plot. Whatever he said, I liked to be an unreasonable little woman in front of him. 

I was having a sweet dream in the morning when my husband shouted in my ear, "slacker, it's time to get up." 

Seeing that I had no movement, he turned on the alarm clock and put it on my pillow. The shrill sound of the bell made me sleepy. 

I sat up from the bed angrily, pointed at him and shouted, "I'm going to sue you for mistreating your wife." 

He smiled and said, "I will not abuse you from tomorrow." 

"what do you mean, you want to divorce your wife?" 

"Girl, I can't believe you want to do good things." 

He shaved my high nose. "the company sent me to Beijing on a business trip for a week. I'm leaving today." 

With that, open the wardrobe and pack. 

Before going out, he hugged me tightly in his arms and kissed me gently on the forehead: "remember to miss me." 

It was just a few days apart, and he made it look like a parting of life and death. 

No wonder, after all, this is the first time we separated on our honeymoon. 

Finally freed from her husband's discipline, there is a feeling that the poor serf has turned over to be the master. 

When I don't have time for breakfast because I sleep in in the morning, no one will nag in my ear and be careful of stomach trouble. 

Even if you play all night on the Internet, no one will interfere. 

Thinking about the happiness of the single aristocrat, he suddenly regretted that he had not been strong-willed and agreed to his proposal. 

A person's life is very simple, three meals a day in the downstairs restaurant to solve. 

I chatted with my friends at night and didn't go to bed until the dead of night. 

But get into the cold quilt, even if I curl up in a ball, the quilt will not be warm until dawn. 

After only one day, I began to miss my husband disgracefully, looking forward to his return. 

Finally looking forward to the sixth day, in the evening, my husband called: "wife, do you miss me?"