Warm the bed-3

/October 2021

After only one day, I began to miss my husband disgracefully, looking forward to his return. 

Finally looking forward to the sixth day, in the evening, my husband called: "wife, do you miss me?" 

His familiar voice is a wonderful sound of nature to me at this time, bringing warmth to me in the cold night. 

I heard a voice keep saying in my heart, miss you, really miss you. 

But he said, "I'm so happy when I'm single." 

"Honey, in order to make you a bachelor addict, I decided to stay in Beijing for a few days before going back." 

The boy actually climbed up the pole I built. 

"Don't you dare come back a day late, and you'll never enter the house again." 

The lion roars in the east of the river. 

A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring, opened the door and saw my husband with flowers in his arms. 

Seeing the amazement on my face, he smiled and said, "I called you downstairs and wanted to surprise you." 

My husband's surprise made me dizzy. I jumped up and hugged him tightly. 

As an exception, I only took one turn on the Internet at night and then went offline. 

When I went back to the bedroom, I saw Lao Zheng lying on my side reading. 

"want to encroach on my territory?" 

I asked him with my hands on my hips and my eyes wide. 

"you're stupid. I'm warming your quilt so that you can miss me more when I go on a business trip." 

I laughed: "you are stupid, I just miss your warm quilt."

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