Water of love

/October 2021

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A mineral exploration team inspected the vast Gobi Desert. 

Due to an accident on the way, a man and a woman lost their way and lost contact with the team. 

They are lovers. 

To be exact, they just have a crush on each other. 

They supported each other, said words of encouragement to each other, and kept walking on the Gobi Desert. 

But until the third day, they were still surrounded by the endless desolate and terrible Gobi Desert. 

Although they did not say, although they smiled at each other, they knew that death was pressing on them step by step. 

In the evening, the woman sprained her left foot while passing through a mess of rocks, and the tired man could no longer carry her. 

There are two ways in front of them. 

First, men and women no longer try to get out of the Gobi Desert, they hold on to each other and have almost zero hope until the last moment of their lives; second, men settle the woman, move on alone, find a team, or rescue, and then come back to rescue the woman. 

They thought it over and thought that the second way might increase their chances of survival. 

Although this will be forever. 

Up to this time, they still did not express their love to each other. 

Perhaps they think that if the day of confession is the day of farewell, it is undoubtedly a bit cruel; perhaps they also think that if they die and the other person lives, then why let the other person spend his whole life forgetting someone who loves him so much that he is long gone? 

The man set up a tent for the woman and helped her lie down: "I'll be back as soon as I find the rescue." 

They checked each other's dry food bags, and each person's dry food could last for two days at the most. 

"where's your water?" 

The woman asked. 

The man handed the kettle to the woman. 

The woman took care of it, and by feeling, there was still a small half pot of water in it. 

The woman smiled, "that's enough, this water will lead you to the rescue team." 

What did the man ask you? 

Women say the same thing. 

The man also weighed the woman's kettle, and there was also a small half of the kettle. 

They looked at each other for a moment, and then the man stood up and turned around. 

They just separated. 

Every time he walked, the man would drop two pieces of ore as the only connection between him and the woman. 

The violent sun kept scorching the man's life, and he walked more and more slowly. When he could not walk, he climbed slowly on the vast Gobi. At last, he did not even have the strength to move his body. 

Before he lost consciousness, he thought of the woman again: how long can her water last? 

When he woke up at dusk the next day, he found himself lying in the tent of the rescue team. 

Wriggling his neck hard, he saw the woman lying quietly on the other side. 

Although her lips were split with blood, she was breathing evenly. 

The man heaved a sigh of relief and he went to sleep happily. 

The rescue team didn't find a man. 

First, they found the woman's tent, then along the way the ore, they found the dying man. 

At that time, the bodies of women and men were extremely short of water, like two air-dried fruits. 

But what made them wonder was that neither of their kettles was empty. 

Holding it in your hand is the same as the feeling of a small half pot of water. 

Why won't they take a sip of water from the kettle? 

Someone unscrewed the cork. 

Not a drop of water. 

The two kettles poured out are both crystal-clear fine sand.