We are doomed to miss a spring rain

/October 2021

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Cao Xuanxuan was sitting in front of the computer chatting when her cell phone rang and picked it up to see a text message from Lin Feng. 


Shouldn't you be looking for my sister? " 

Open it and see that Lin Feng wants to invite her to dinner. I want to ask her for help. I'll see her at 4: 00 p. M. at Cross Bridge Rice Noodle Store on East Street. 

"all right." 

She gave it back immediately without asking anything. 

We are doomed to miss a spring rain Lin Feng likes Cao Xuanxuan's sister Cao Ting, but Cao Ting does not seem to have any feelings for Lin Feng. 

They were in the same class at 03:00, and although they didn't talk much, he was attracted to her. 

He also showed his heart to her when he was chatting, but she refused. 

But he still won't give up. 

After graduation, he asked her out to play, and she called her sister, too. 

Unlike her sister, Cao Xuanxuan is very cheerful and lively. 

On his first date, he wore a white T-shirt, a pair of light blue jeans, a pair of blue sneakers, a white face, black hair, clean and refreshing. 

The first time we met, Cao Xuanxuan said to her sister in front of him, "it's pretty good!" 

He smiled and unconsciously touched the back of his head with his hand. 

It was Cao Xuanxuan who kept talking to herself all the time as if she were very excited. 

Lin Feng wanted to find a chance to talk to Cao Ting, but Cao Xuanxuan's words were like broken beads one after another. 

From now on, every time they go out to play, Cao Ting will call Cao Xuanxuan, and Cao Xuanxuan will be very happy. 

But Cao Ting never showed affection for Lin Feng, but Cao Xuanxuan was happy every time. 

Before 03:30, Cao Xuanxuan set out with her umbrella. When she arrived at the designated place, she was collecting her umbrella. Lin Feng came in close. 

"Brother Lin Feng." 

She exclaimed as she opened her mouth. 

Her sister hasn't agreed yet, but she called her brother first. 


Lin Feng was also caught off guard by her sudden cry. 

"what do you want with me?" 

She asked while eating rice noodles. 

Lin Feng took out a furry little monkey and a wrapped gift from the bag she was carrying and handed it to her. 

"This little monkey is for you, and you can transfer this to your sister for me. 

If I give it, I'm afraid she won't want it. " 

"there's still one for me!" 

Cao Xuanxuan accepted it happily. 


I don't know what my sister likes. Such a good living person is right in front of me, but I don't know how to cherish it! " 

Lin Feng said nothing. 


Brother Lin Feng, you say you've been chasing my sister for almost half a year. Why bother? 

"There is plenty of fish in the sea!" 

Lin Feng doesn't know how to answer her. 


I don't know what you all think. " 

When she had finished eating, she added. 

When they went back, they were on their way. 

Cao Xuanxuan walked with Lin Feng with her sunshade, walking very slowly, not even at her usual speed. 

Somehow she quieted down now, glancing at Lin Feng from time to time. 

Lin Feng doesn't talk either. 

In this way, they were silent to each other and walked quietly, each with something on his mind. 

After walking for a while, Cao Xuanxuan saw a few beads of sweat on Lin Feng's white forehead, like dew on a blade of grass in the early morning. 

"Are you hot?" 

Cao Xuanxuan asked. 

Lin Feng nodded. 

"then come under the umbrella, too." 


Lin Feng hastened to refuse. 

"it doesn't matter. I'll take it as a thank you for giving me a present." 

With that, he raised the umbrella to the top of Lin Feng's head. 

Lin Feng was immediately embarrassed and blushed, and she didn't know what to say. 

As Lin Feng is taller than her, she has to hold her umbrella high. 

Lin Feng wanted to lift it, but she just didn't agree. 

"do you think we look like a couple?" 

Cao Xuanxuan glanced at Lin Feng and quickly drew back her eyes. 

Lin Feng held me for a long time, but the words didn't squeeze out, and there were a few more beads of sweat on his forehead. 

"Hey, hey, I'm kidding. You look nervous." 

"I, I'm not nervous. What am I nervous about? 

What is there to be nervous about? " 

When Cao Xuanxuan saw him like this, she wanted to laugh but didn't laugh, and then she was silent again. 

When she got home, she threw the gift to her sister, no matter what was in it, and went back to her room with the little monkey in her arms. 

She sat in front of the computer for a while, suddenly remembered something, picked up the phone, and stupefied for a long time to send a text message. 

Lin Feng's cell phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it. It was sent by Cao Xuanxuan, but there was no content. 

And he didn't go back. 

The summer vacation is over soon. Lin Feng and Cao Ting are going to study out of town, but they are not in the same place. 

Cao Xuanxuan has also been promoted to the third year of high school. 

The three of them often send text messages to ask about the current situation. 

It's just that Lin Feng sends it to Cao Ting, Cao Ting sends it to Cao Xuan, and Cao Xuanxuan sends it to Lin Feng. 

The green days are decreasing day by day, and I don't know when the text messages are getting less and less. 

Just like the spring rain in Meiziqing last spring, no one remembers when it ended or when it began, just like our youth. 

We are doomed to miss a spring rain, miss you.