Wedding is an interpretation of love

/September 2021

Yesterday, a colleague said that she was going to get married because she had to hurry two people to buy a house earlier; Not long ago, my friend said that I want to get married, because I want a child, life is really boring; I've heard more than one person say this. If the other person's condition is not bad, just get married ... 

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There are many reasons for getting married, but I don't know why they are so reluctant, so people can't recognize the joy and sorrow in their feelings. It seems that I haven't heard a person say that he wants to get married because he loves one person very much and wants to be with another person forever.

The meaning of marriage may always be too far away, and life may not be perfect. I once saw a passage written by a Hong Kong woman writer in the book:

"Are we already in a chicken rib century? There are too many human feelings and things in life that are tasteless and regrettable. From marriage and career to the lunch box that was hurriedly eaten at noon, it may be chicken ribs. "

When reading this passage, you can feel a kind of sadness without tears and a kind of torture without flesh and blood. Life always seems to create defects one after another.

One day, I met a girlfriend in high school. I knew that they had been dating each other for a long time, but she was never satisfied. So I asked her if she was asking too much. Do you want someone with high education, high income, and high stature? Because of my familiarity, I obviously have some teasing in my tone.

She smiled and said, "No, she doesn't pay too much attention to these things. In fact, blind date is very purposeful, that is, she is rushing to get married, but she just doesn't feel that way."

I know that this kind of person who only needs feeling is the hardest to succeed among blind date, so I can't help but ask her what kind of feeling she wants to get married.

"I just hope that when I am unhappy, he can make me feel that he will always be with me, even if I don't comfort anything, just hold me tight, tight, tight, and say that he will always love me."

Her expression is firm, without a trace of a joke.

I suddenly felt a little touched, like seeing a ray of warm light in a city that can't penetrate the moonlight.

I don't think I have to ask the other party to make me feel anxious, waiting hard, or loving continuously. My marriage only needs to be light and slow, but one day when he asked me to marry him, it was not because of how many practical benefits marriage could bring him, but because of the significance of marriage in his life.

I hope he can give me a reason at that moment, telling me that he wants to be with me, to spend every joys and sorrow in his life together, and to stay together till he gets old. Even at that moment ...