Wedding ring

/September 2021

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Two people have known each other for many years and are in love.

The wedding ring is so good for him. She knows his goodness.

Just, the wedding ring on his hand, alas, his ex-wife has been dead for so long, and she is sad in her heart. Why does he still refuse to take it down? Is she the only one in his heart, or is he just a puppet of love, or is he just a substitute ...

He finally asked her to marry him.

Candlelight, flowers, music, sincerity, and a long-awaited diamond ring.

He said he loved her. So sincere, of course, is also true.

It's just that her eyes fell on the ring he still wears, which is like a thorn in his throat, and can't swallow. After all, it's not his own.

She kept crying, saying, OK, I would like to marry you, but I need another reason.

The reason is, of course, the wedding ring he refused to take off.

He finally understood, from her wronged eyes, from the sadness when she looked at his ring.

For three years, he shed tears for the first time, looking like a child.

He cried as he spoke. She couldn't help it anymore and threw herself into his arms. They finally got what they wanted.

At the wedding, they exchanged rings. The only difference is that he wears two sparkling wedding rings on the same finger, but she no longer feels sad and glaring. Eyes inside and outside, full of happiness.

Because that night, he said, he was so lucky that in this life, he could meet two women who could love life without regret. The first one on his finger is the past life he loved, and this one is the only one he loves in this life, and it is a gift from God. He finally said. I can't let go, and I can't let go, because it is incomplete when I take it off, because forgetting is blasphemy.

He is right. You can take off the ring on your finger, but you can't erase the memory in your heart. A lover who knows how to cherish, of course, has the right to have true feelings, no matter past life or present life.

The form is never bigger than the content.

At such an age, there are not many men who really know how to love. If they meet, how can they miss it?