Whale love

/September 2021

Once upon a time, there was a whale. He sang, but he couldn't sing well. In order not to scare his brothers and sisters, he only sings when he is alone. He is always silent when he is with others. Because even the most common words he said-bon voyage, hello-all had a heavy black flavor. So the whale never spoke. He always swims in silence.  

Most of his peers think he is dumb, and even think he is deaf and dumb. They gestured to him with their fins, moved their jaws, and explained to him something he knew for a long time.  

However, in this vast and silent ocean, there is only one creature who likes the whale's voice very much. Even the most common words he says, she likes it. This unique creature is also a whale. His singing has warmed her heart enough. He sings these songs especially for her, but he only sings them when he is alone. He never knew that she loved him more than anything in the ocean because she was always silent when she was around him. Together, they swam along with the fish in the ocean current, swimming in the sea waves floating with seaweed.  

They love each other's silence. This is a very special silence, which is integrated with the vast and boundless silence of this silent ocean. But in the silence of one whale, the other can only feel the murmur like the whistle of the sea, which is so vivid as if it exists.  

They swam side by side, occasionally moving their fins and blinking. This feeling is so beautiful and so sad that they can't help crying.

Two creatures over 25 meters, heavier than 16 elephants, have a lot of room for pain. Of course, it is also reserved for joy. And all this happened in the center of the ocean, the invisible ocean center.

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