What about our deal

/September 2021

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In that year, I was 22 and he was 23. 

We worked together after graduation, so we met. 

At that time, I was very ignorant about the relationship. Someone of the opposite sex was introduced to me for a blind date. I don't know how to define such a relationship. 

Because I am not familiar with it, I am not sure whether I want to get along with others, and I am afraid of delaying them, so I refuse all of them. 

At this time, he began to get closer to me. 

Gradually familiar, gradually began to date, several young colleagues together, dinner, watching movies, talking and laughing together. 

Gradually, the date began to be just me and him. 

I don't feel awkward, because I already regard him as a good friend, regardless of gender. 

One day, he asked me if I had considered him as a boyfriend. 

From that second on, I began to think about it. 

And I immediately had a clear standard for the concept of choosing a mate. 

My him, must be good to me, never change, never fake; he can be poor, but must always be true to me. 

I asked him, "will you quarrel with me?" 

"No," he said. " 

I told him, "I said forever." 

"of course," he said earnestly. " 

That's it. 

He is really a kind man, and all the people who have seen him say so, and my family is also very satisfied. 

The first time I was angry because of his mother, I bought her a dress, a formal brand in the mall. 

She called to say that there was a jumper in the inner yarn and asked if it was defective. 

I immediately choked up and didn't know how to make her believe my heart and vent my anger on him. 

"the discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is mostly about money," he said. 

If my mother is a rich person, very magnificent, if you are a rich person, very generous, there will not be such a thing. " 

God knows why he is so calm. 

Later, he explained, "I don't want you two to be at odds with each other for many years." 

I can only use my good to prove my sincerity to my mother-in-law, to make him happy. 

However, contradictions always come. 

Although I don't want to live a quarrel, I was very irritable when I was young and always lost my temper for a while. 

He was always silent, so the fight never got into a fight. 

By chance, I learned that there was a woman around him who liked him for many years and chased him. 

He explained again and again that his heart was always on me and had been persuading that woman to pursue the happiness that belonged to her. 

He explained that she was infatuated with him, but he only told her my love. 

I choose to trust him. 

"Some things should be forgotten," he said. "Let's have a good time, just like we've been doing all the time." 

But to tell you the truth, no matter how strong the heart is, you can't stand such a sharp sword of your spouse's extramarital affair. 

I was depressed for several years, drunk, world-weary, and inexplicably squandered a lot of money. 

When I was not in charge, he began to be in charge, at home and out of the house. 

However, his attitude is different from that in the past, and his speech will be impatient. 

"because you don't have to be an outsider, your attitude will be undisguised," he said. " 

He is so busy that it is inevitable that he will be impatient. 

I was considerate of him, relaxed a little, and began to help him with the housekeeping. 

One day, because of a big little thing, he suddenly shouted to me, "go to hell." 

I was stunned. Is that what he most wanted to say to me? 

I had been reluctant to scold him, but he suddenly shoved it on me. 

I remember our original agreement: will you quarrel with me? 

No, it won't. 

I'm talking about forever. 

Of course. 

I left home for the first time in my life and didn't want to see him. 

I can't accept the fact that I live with someone who calls me "go to hell". 

If two people no longer love, simply mechanically together, there will be no happiness. 

I thought that if he apologized, I would forgive him. 

Then he apologized, and I was asking myself, do I want to forgive him? 

Once again, my heart realized that what I wanted was an agreement. 

Will you quarrel with me? 

No, I won't. 

I'm talking about forever. 

Of course.