What's the most touching love word you've ever heard

/October 2021

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I have read a lot of love stories and love poems, but I have never really heard any nice love words in my left ear. 

This is because I have a boyfriend who can only code and play games. 

In literature class, I read Yeats's poem "when you are Old", and I immediately felt that someone had written such a poem for me in my life, so I had no regrets. 

When I got back, I asked him, "when I get old and wrinkled, will you still love me?" 

While playing the game fiercely, he replied very copiously, "mm-hmm!" 

"what if I'm not pretty and in bad shape?" 

He frowned and shouted hysterically, "you are not pretty and in bad shape!" 

Let's go! 

I'm almost through! " 

I was so angry that I dropped his keyboard. 

Later, I followed my classmates to chase the Korean drama "Sorry, I Love you". 

In the first episode, Woo-hyuk's ex-girlfriend, Ji-young, thinks that Woo-hyuk is too poor and wants to marry a middle-aged man without saying hello. 

When Wu Hyuk came home and found that there was no kimchi at home, he angrily ran to Zhiying, who was trying on her wedding dress, and shouted, "go home!" 

There is no kimchi in the house! 

Make my kimchi! " 

Zhiying said angrily, "if you don't have kimchi, go and buy it!" 

"I only eat your kimchi!" 

Moohyuk said very bully. 

It was just an ordinary dispute, but I was very moved because I saw the truest love in it. 

Wiping away my tears, I asked him passionately, "do you like the food I made for you?" 

As soon as I finished the question, I walked away without waiting for him to answer. 

He is a native of Hunan, likes to eat abnormal spicy food, while I am from Guangdong, I prefer light, the pursuit of authenticity. 

For a time, I felt that we were not suitable because of this problem. How can two people who can't eat together hold hands and grow old together? 

Until one time I went on a trip with a friend, he ate alone every day, and in the first few days, he called him to ask him what to eat. The other end of the phone excitedly counted me eat Sautéed Crab in Hot Spicy Sauce, spicy chicken, and so on as if he had taken drugs. It seemed to make me realize that he usually ate with me was really like chewing wax, so I ignored him and went to play by myself. 

A few days later he called to say that he was eating fish head tofu soup and stewed tomatoes with lean Flammulina velutipes. Finally, he lazily added: "also bought beancurd jelly, sweet, less sugar." 

I picked up the glasses that had fallen to the ground and was very surprised and asked, "you don't like these things, don't you?" 


He seems to have lost his temper and replied, "but you like it."... 

I ate what you like today. " 

I didn't speak for a long time, and I have to say that I was very moved at that time. 

I remember the second time I went shopping with him when I saw beancurd jelly, my favorite food on the side of the road, I rushed over excitedly and shouted, "Two bowls of beancurd jelly!" 

He then followed and took a sentence: "Please, less sugar, thank you." 

I stared at his casual expression and asked him how he knew I was going to say this next. 

He gave me a white look: "you said yourself that you don't like sweet food, and that's what you called it last time." 

At that moment, I believed that he loved me, so much so that he could tell my taste at will, without affectation or deliberation. 

He is a man who is not very good at expressing love and will never say sweet words to his left ear. 

But he also made me understand that whether a person loves you or not lies not in how many times he told you I love you, not in how many gifts he gave you, let alone how many 1314520 red envelopes he sent you. 

He never said anything like you are the wind, I am the sand, what love you for ten thousand years and so on, but I heard the most touching and best love words from him. 

He said, "I'm eating your favorite food." 

He said, "Please, less sugar, thank you."