When youth blows a strand of long hair

/October 2021

In many stories, when a woman is frustrated in her relationship, she will cut off her long hair that she has grown for a long time, and what is more, she will cut her hair in anger. 

Although the haircut did not affect what had happened, everyone thought it was talking about starting over. 

I have always been a tomboy, and I am lazy and do not have a beautiful headband, so every time I am asked to cut my long hair, I will be very good and cooperative. 

This situation continued until I saw the fairy Li Ruotong, as beautiful as falling from the sky, especially when the camera turned to her long, black satin hair. I can't find an adjective to tell me the surprise she brought me at that time. 

From then on, I decided in my heart to grow long hair. 

It took about three years to keep my hair in this way. 

During this period, I never felt that there was anything wrong with taking care of my hair. what was more fun was that every time I washed my hair, I often combed it into a variety of ancient costume hairstyles, then wrapped myself in bed sheets or mosquito nets at home and dressed myself up as a beauty in a costume TV series. 

When I found out that I had a crush on that gentle and clean teenager, it was already the third year of junior high school. My mother mentioned to me more than once, cut off my hair. The schoolwork in the third year of junior high school was so tense, and I was about to be promoted to high school. Where do you have time to take care of such long hair? 

I began to think that it could not be cut off. Although there was no story with the teenager, I always thought that a boy like him would like a girl with long hair, and I might not be the look of a girl he liked. But it's nice to have an impression. 

With such a mentality, I started a long tug-of-war with my mother. Unfortunately, I was defeated, not because of my mother's nagging, but because the teenager suddenly had to transfer to another school. 

When I received the news, the teenager was only two days away from school. 

After hearing the news, I was so sad that I cried secretly for a long time. My mother's nagging happened at that time, and in a fit of anger, I obeyed her. 

My hair was cut short and ugly. I sat in the barbershop and made a bad face at myself in the mirror. My mother comforted me and said, "Don't be unhappy. Look how beautiful the spirit is. This is what a student should look like." 

Originally wanted to see off the youth, but suddenly remembered, it seems that more than two years of classmates, we have not even said a word, but also came to an end. 

In this way, the teenager did not see my short hair, but I cried sobbing in the middle of the night when I cut my long hair. I think this long hair is gone, and the memory of me and the teenager is gone. When I think of him later, even such a little impression is gone. 

During the period when my long hair was gone, every time I looked at the teenager's seat, I couldn't help but raise my hand and want to caress it. I didn't wake up until I caught the silent and invisible air countless times. 

When I heard the news about the teenager again, I was already in college. It took me a long time to get his QQ number from my classmate, and I heard that he already had a girlfriend he was dating. At first, he was still a little sad. After all, it was the first time he was lovelorn. 

After adding his QQ, I thought I had a lot to say to him, but my fingers tapped again and again, but I couldn't press the send button all the time. I didn't know what to say to him. 

When I officially talked to him about the past, it was a long time later, maybe I had too much fun that day, or maybe I always wanted to realize my girlhood dream. I told him, "Hey, you know what?" 

I used to like you very much. " 

It took him a long time to reply: "I'm sorry!" 

I didn't know anything about it at the time, but I remember you. You had long and beautiful hair, didn't you? " 

At that moment, I wanted to tell him that the long hair was for meeting you and for you to go, but it seemed to be a little late. 

So I replied to him, "well, I had long and beautiful hair."

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