Where there is love, there is a family

/September 2021

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I remember a hot topic on the Internet last year: what do wives think of their husbands who only give money and don't go home? 

There are tens of thousands of comments below, and the hottest one is-is there such a good thing in the world? 

What's more, many netizens follow up on this comment: as long as you promise not to come back, even if you don't give money. 

In life, after many wives become mothers, they will talk about this topic when they get together, and they are most looking forward to her husband's business trip. 

He is not at home. Everything is orderly and regular for him to take care of the children. If the husband goes home, he should not only take care of the children but also take care of him. 

Washing clothes and cooking is a lot of work, but also often disrupt the children's schedule, making people very tired and annoying. 

On the other hand, I have also heard fathers complain privately. The vice president of a real estate company said with a wry smile: "my daughter is 11 years old, and my mother and mother are sleeping, and I have been living in the dreamy Snow White children's room." one father said that after having children, he was an outsider. Every time he went home, the mother and son were happy and could not be plugged in, and the wife did not care about herself and gave all her intimacy to the children. 

These situations are so common that we often feel that we can no longer be normal. the mother and child are a family, and the father is responsible for earning money to support the family. 

In the long run, the feelings of many couples will slowly fade away, and they will comfort themselves: we are all the same, and all couples can live in this way when they have children. 

In often feeling that marriage has been weak for a long time, after marriage, there is only family affection without love, at the same time, many people have not thought about what makes the feelings fade. 

It is the initiative to give up, give up communication, give up communication between husband and wife. 

No matter how good a relationship is, if you are not together for a long time, the concentration of your feelings will drop. 

When a couple's topic is only household chores and children, and there is no other communication, then people's desire to talk and the desire for emotional communication will gradually be limited in the family, some self-closing, some seek comfort from the outside. 

So always remember that the one who will be with you for the rest of your life is the most important person for you. 

The first place in the family should always be the relationship between husband and wife, not the parent-child relationship. 

To build a healthy family system, the relationship between husband and wife must be put in the most important position in the family. 

Because husband and wife love each other in the family, the atmosphere is warm and happy, children grow up in such a family, will see love, know how to love, learn to love, this is a transmission of the ability to love. 

Therefore, the way of love between husband and wife will become a template for children in the future. 

Our cultural tradition indeed tends to emphasize parent-child relationships rather than husband-wife relationships. 

It's as if the relationship between husband and wife is just a tool to carry on the family line. 

However, no matter how much you love your children, you can only stay with them for more than ten or twenty years. In the days after that, children also want to shake off their wings and live their own lives. 

Is it too late or rusty to return to the world of husband and wife at that time? 

Your spouse is the one who will accompany you for the rest of your life.