Who is your favorite

/September 2021

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Although a personable university professor is popular with women, he married an illiterate rural woman as his wife. in the materialistic world, this is naturally regarded as his "weakness" by some people. 

In particular, those of the opposite sex who think they are attractive and affectionate are in hot pursuit of him, hoping to get a piece of the pie. 

But after using up all 18 martial arts, the professor is still as steady as Mount Tai and has never made tidbits. 

Several good young colleagues once took an opportunity to get him drunk at the wine table, trying to take out his true words. 

The professor fell into the trap. 

After drinking too much, several young colleagues were in high spirits, so they "seduced" you and me, but he was also a brave hero and always answered any questions. 

He said, "Don't look at me like a dog now. When I was put in the countryside 30 years ago, I didn't live as well as a dog now!" 

The young colleague laughed and said, "so you asked for an illiterate wife without choice." 



You have no idea what feelings are and what you don't need. " 

The professor shook his head hard and said vaguely. 

Everyone teased for a while, and the professor was half awake from his wine. thinking of his "slip of the tongue" just now, he simply talked about the past like a bean in a bamboo tube. 

In the first few years when he returned to teaching in the university from the countryside, he published several influential academic papers one after another and became a little famous both inside and outside the school. some teachers and students seemed to joke and said to him mockingly, "if you have an illiterate wife, will you have a common language?" 

Does living like this for a long time do not affect your knowledge? " 

Too much discussion, coupled with the expansion of vanity in fame and wealth, began to feel that he could not raise his head in front of the public and was tired of his wife. 

One night, he wrote a thick divorce agreement, taught a lot of truth, and was ready to have a good get-up with his wife. 

Getting up late the next morning, he hurried to class without tidying up the things on his desk. His wife came back from shopping and habitually came to the study to clean up. A cat slipped in and left the divorce papers in the basin when he jumped to the desk to play. All wet. 

Now the wife panicked, thinking that it was the result of her husband's painstaking efforts to stay up late last night and that it must be some important document, so she picked it up carefully and opened it one by one, ready to dry with an iron. 

Not completely done, the professor came back from class, and when he saw her drying the divorce papers so painstakingly as if she were doing a sacred thing, his heart seemed to be hollowed out by something, and he felt that without her, what else would he have? 

The professor looked at several young colleagues who had been in a daze, pushed and pushed the wet glasses, and said with emotion: marriage, ah, knows how warm and cold it is. 

The key to luck and misfortune depends on how you grasp it: whether to grasp "who is your favorite" or to choose "whose favorite are you?"