Who we used to be-3

/October 2021

"Hello, may I ask who's calling, please?" 

I'm a little excited.

A familiar voice came from the "Hello" phone. 

I knew in an instant that it was him. "what's wrong with you? why haven't you called me all the time?" 

I exclaimed. 

"Let's break up!" 

He said quietly. 

"what did you say?" 

I feel like I heard wrong. 

"Let's break up!" 

He still whispered. 

"isn't it? because of my job, I can resign and go back to marry you right away." 

It felt like he was serious. I was in a bit of a hurry, and my eyes suddenly filled with tears. 


Remember to take care of yourself. " 

I have forgotten to speak. 

"will you always miss me?" 

I heard it before I could speak. 



The sound of hanging up came from the other side of the phone. 

For a moment, my tears could no longer be stopped, and the flowers flowed down. I went back to the house divided by the company here, closed the door and cried out loudly, including this year, seven years, seven years of feelings, so broken, I am not reconciled. I'm going to find him. 

I need to ask face to face. 

A month later, the company granted me leave. I simply cleaned up and set foot in his city. 

A few days later, I went to his place of work, but he was no longer here. His boss said that he had resigned a long time ago and said he was going home to get married. 

After a long time, I still haven't heard from him. 

Until one day, when another strange phone call came, I answered it quickly, and a woman's voice came from the phone. 

Woman: "are you his girlfriend?" 

Me: "Yes, I'm his girlfriend." 

"I have him. Come and have a look, alas!" 

The woman sighed and gave an address. 

I found the address in the city where I worked. I quickly went downstairs, stopped a taxi and told the driver the location. 

A few hours later, the taxi drove to a small apartment building. I got off. The address said it was the third floor. I went straight into the elevator and pressed 'three'. 

The elevator rises slowly. 

I stepped out of the elevator and walked eagerly towards a door. 

I rang the doorbell. 

Soon, a middle-aged woman opened the door and welcomed me in. 

When I came in, I saw a small sacrificial table with fruit on it, and a black-and-white photo hung on it. The person in the photo had a particularly sunny smile on his face, but I stared at the photo but my eyes could no longer move. 

The children had a hard life, and their parents left early, and now they have left themselves. 

When I looked through his belongings, I found that there was only one phone number in his cell phone. He called and answered the phone. It was almost all of you. 

I am a relative of him. 

Middle-aged women. 


Classmate, can I help you? " 

A handsome face came into my sight in the sun. 

I repeated the bangs in front of the forehead and replied, "I am a freshman. I have come here for the first time. Where should I report?" 

"I'm sorry!" 

He said, "Why don't you be my girlfriend?" 

Without thinking about it, I replied, "Yes!" 

He suddenly reached out and held my face and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. I was surprised that I didn't stop him. 

Once all the scenes appeared in front of me. 

This time I didn't cry. 

"here you are, girl. Let's have a light meal here." 

The middle-aged woman brought up three small dishes and two bowls of rice said to me. 

I stared at the picture, and suddenly someone was talking to me. I regained my mind and saw that the middle-aged woman's food had been served, and I did not refuse. 

After sitting down with the middle-aged woman, I ate and told him what had happened to me one by one. 

I didn't shed a tear the whole time. 

After dinner, I want the middle-aged woman to say goodbye. 

The middle-aged woman handed me a box and said that this was his relic and asked me to take good care of it. 

When I went downstairs, I opened the box and saw the thick case list inside. I couldn't help it any longer. Tears came out of the frame, and the crying tore my heart and lungs. 

It turns out that he. 

I love you, but I dare not say, I said that I am afraid I will die immediately, after my death, I am afraid that I will not love you more than I do. 

A certain year, a certain month, a certain day, sunny, I was waiting for you in the past. 

Where are you?

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