Wife's note

/September 2021

Before going to work in the morning, Andrew swore to his wife, Tina, that he had made up his mind to talk to his boss and ask him for a raise.
The boss readily agreed to his request.
Although Andrew got home late because of the traffic jam on his way from work, he was beaming and smiling. To his surprise, a big dinner was also waiting for him. Those exquisite delicacies are served with the best cutlery in the family, with some small candles on it, looking jubilant. All this was carefully arranged for him by his wife, Tina. Andrew immediately realized that his colleagues in the office must have told Tina the news in advance.
Sitting at the dinner table, Andrew found a beautiful note on the plate in front of him, which was also a gift from his wife: "Dear husband, congratulations!" I know you'll get what you want. "
Andrew read the words on the note and was deeply moved by his wife's beloved.
After dinner, Andrew went to the kitchen to prepare dessert and found a beautiful note on the kitchen floor-it must have fallen from Tina's pocket. He stooped to pick up the note and saw that it read, "Honey, don't be frustrated that you didn't get a raise. You've tried anyway." Andrew, you are the best in my eyes! I have prepared this wonderful dinner for you just to let you know how much I love you! "
Andrew knew all at once that his wife was ready to greet him with flowers and a feast, whether or not he had a raise this time. In an instant, a warm current rose in Andrew's heart. Although it was only a light note, he felt heavy in his hand, as if holding his wife's sincere heart.

It turns out that happiness is so simple, he loves the wife deeply, and the wife cares about him all the time. 

Two people are still so hot in each other's hearts, casual can not dilute their love

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