Wife's romance

/September 2021

My wife and I have been married for more than 10 years, and she has always been gentle and virtuous. In recent years, I don't know whether her menopause is coming, or her work at work is not smooth, her wife's temper is getting worse and worse, her supervision is getting stricter, and she quarrels with me every day because I don't know romance.  

On my wife's birthday last year, I bought her a bunch of roses with the payment. On the way home, I thought happily that my wife should be satisfied now. A large bouquet makes me look romantic. But when I got home, my wife hung up her face at the sight of flowers, told me to take them back quickly, and called me a black sheep.  

At the beginning of March last year, I had nothing to do but look through my calendar and found that another day, March 8 Women's Day, was coming soon. I tried my best to please my wife. Early in the morning of March 8, I asked my wife for the money to buy food and told her that I would go to the supermarket to buy food after work.  

When I arrived at the supermarket, I picked and bought a basket of vegetables. I didn't go home with vegetables but hid in the car to conceive the design drawings. I majored in fine arts, which puzzled me. After a while, I inserted a bunch of vegetable flowers: western blue flowers, carrots, peppers, fans, and so on, posing as beautiful bouquets.  

I opened the door with vegetable flowers in my arms and found that my wife hadn't come home yet. I just found out by phone that she had to go home later after working overtime at work. When I was bored, I sliced the white radish into a funnel shape, fastened it with a toothpick, pushed it up one by one to make petals, and then inserted the cherry blossom and kumquat into the top of the toothpick to make flower hearts. One radish flower is done. Finally, put the radish flower on the tofu and write "Goddess, Happy Holidays" on the tofu with jam.  

When my wife came home, she lit up at the moment. She took out her mobile phone and took photos and sent them to a circle of friends, which attracted a lot of praise. When I saw her happy, I was busy courting her and said, Now that I've finished taking photos, I'll take them to the kitchen and turn them into delicious ones and serve them on the table. The wife said: "Don't do it, let's go out for a meal." She is reluctant to touch my masterpiece and wants to keep it for a day.  

Since then, I have learned my lesson, and I still use this trick when I meet at festivals. Of course, the bouquet of vegetables should be innovated every time.  

Think about it, a woman is also a simple animal. Romance lies not in how much money it costs, but in how much thought and time it takes. Every woman's definition of romance is different. As for my family, it is an affordable romance, and the woman who lives needs to be more "high", which is not only affordable but also costs less and has a high romantic index.  

I am glad that I have married an affordable romantic wife, who is not extravagant or wasteful. After a little attention, she is "bubbling" with happiness.  

It's just that I walked in marriage for more than 10 years before I realized my wife's romantic style.

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