Win slowly

/October 2021

Marriage shows the shortcomings of husband and wife in slow times. 

Before her marriage, she felt that she had found a good lover who could not be found in the world. 

How did this Lang Jun gradually become mediocre? 

He didn't "change". That's what he looked like. 

Each of us used to be like this, it is love that makes us shine like gold in the eyes of those who love us. 

When love retires like a high fever, we return to the original in the eyes of those who love us. 

In slow times, those who love us will see who we are and learn to be tolerant. 

In slow time, the lover will see a good character in the other person that he can't see before. 

These qualities are not deliberately hidden from others, such as private money. 

It is forced out by life. 

Such as strength, such as filial piety, such as patience. 

Life is a big file, which removes the uncut from the human body little by little, revealing the texture and glittering of the jade. 

A man does not even know how many good characters he has shown in his life. 

Isn't this a gift from God to every wife (husband)? 

However, this takes time and observation. 

In particular, we should believe that the other party is a piece of uncut jade with a good texture. 

Marriage shows stability and beauty in slowness. 

In the slowness, the couple grows together like mahogany, absorbing nutrients from each other. 

As long as there is sincerity, everyone can turn the best part of each other into their nutrition. 

People who work hard outside might as well be "fast". When they go home, they should look at marriage from a "slow" point of view. 

Slow vision is cherished vision, slowly look, slowly do, slowly sweet.

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