Women with high EQ fall in love like this-1

/October 2021

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A boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is always a hidden disease in a woman's heart, everyone wants to be magnanimous and wants to ignore it, but it nibbles at your rationality and decency all the time, teases your emotions, and finally makes you unreasonable and hysterical. 

A fan told me that he once had dinner with his male friends, during which they told interesting stories about the past, so naturally, the male friend and his ex-girlfriend were embedded in the details of the story. 

Women with high EQ fall in love like this. 

Probably to take care of her personal feelings, many plots have been tacitly vague, but with a little imagination, they can restore their love at that time. 

But it was in such a cautious atmosphere that she felt that she had been lightly cut by them. 

She felt as if she was still sitting at this table, watching the men around her, withered by jealousy. 

Try to integrate into their circle, try to prove that you are better than her. 

Because she worked too hard and wanted to see the results too much, she didn't feel reconciled to a little defeat. 

She smiled, too, and turned to look at him. He looked relaxed and relaxed. 

He did not notice her sensitivity and emotional changes, and she lowered her eyebrow like a knife. 

The party in the second half was chewy and her absent-mindedness was too obvious. 

He held her hand under the table, and she looked up at him and plucked up his courage. "can you talk about her?" 

I want to know. " 

"it's a thing of the past," he said. "you won't be happy if you know, and so will I. 

Do you want to know? " 

She hesitated and nodded. 

The latter thing is very corny, he evaded the important and light description of the whole story, her jealousy, and resentment or tilted out to extinguish his patience. 

For the next week, the two slept together without each other's body temperature. 

She asked, "is it wrong to ask your ex-girlfriend?" 

So I told her the true story of a friend. 

This friend of mine is an old hand in love. 

When she first got together with her boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend often kept talking on Wechat and the phone, trying to get back together with her boyfriend. 

As soon as a normal person heard this, she had to go up and tear it up, but she said that at this time, she must not act rashly and miss the opportunity, so she was very calm about going on a date and having sex. 

The male friend didn't understand her mind, so he took the initiative to delete her ex's Wechat in front of her. 

Of course, in the style of the predecessor, this is not over. 

Once they were lying in bed at noon when a phone call from their ex came. 

Her male friend looked embarrassed and was ready to hang up the phone. "maybe there's something wrong," she said with a smile. "answer it. I want to hear it, too." 

Then his male friend answered the phone, and the other person began to cry first, then began to express his love, and then said where he was and where he wanted him to pass. 

Such a thing as love words, it is OK to whisper in private, once exposed to the air for a third person to hear, it will be very embarrassing. 

So my friend laughed very naturally. 

On hearing this, the other party held his breath and asked, "Is there someone around you?" 

Then my friend said "uh-huh" in a very orthodox manner, and the other party quickly hung up the phone. 

Since then, the ex has disappeared.