Women with high EQ fall in love like this-2

/October 2021

I quote the story of a friend to say that everyone cares about the traces left by their ex, or that they care about the other person's existence, which is not the point, but that we have to express our mind in the right way. 

For example, my friend, does she mind the ex-bitch? 

Of course, I do, but you can't act angry and tear it up. It's very ugly and will make your boyfriend look down on you. 

So she had to wait for such an opportunity for her boyfriend to be present to embarrass her ex. 

Let the man personally reject the ex-bitch, a move is both dragon slaughtering! 

And what's the problem with the fans above? 

The main reason is that she is very squeamish and petty. 

Jealousy and jealousy are OK, but they can not be externalized in emotion, which is very hurtful. 

Once the relationship between two people is hurt by an ex, the loss simply outweighs the gain. 

Since you can't express your dissatisfaction blindly, how should you express it? 

If you think you are jealous, just say, for example, "I didn't expect you to be so good with her. I'm so sad when I'm jealous. We have to be better in the future." 

He feels that you care about him and receives a signal that you are willing to work for the future of both of them. He must be grateful to find that you are not only capable of crying and making a noise like other ignorant women. 

Your relationship will go one step further. 

Another trick is that men have an instinct for rebuttal. For example, if you say you like Daniel Wu, he will instinctively retort that Daniel Wu is going bald. 

This trick can also be applied to an ex, for example, if you want to know about his previous relationship with his ex, you can say, "I think you two seemed to have a good relationship before." 

He would subconsciously retort, "really? 

We quarreled a lot, and she had a very bad temper. Balala "reminds him of his bad past, and then soothes him and stands in the same trench with him, will it help to deepen the relationship?" 

Another intention here is that you must unite with your boyfriend and don't set yourself against him! 

As a matter of fact, in the face of the issue of the predecessor, we must keep calm, do not be confused, and do not make random imaginations. 

Most of the time, their past is not as affectionate and beautiful as you think, otherwise why break up? 

The influence of the ex is not that great in the minds of men. 

Be sure to distinguish between priorities, you are now the palace ah! 

Of course, there's nothing to be afraid of except the ex who wants to come back and ruin your relationship with your boyfriend and hang out in front of you every day. 

Because men are very forgetful. 

Unless he brings it up on his initiative, it's best not to force him to mention his past with his ex. 

After all, people often selectively remember some good past, and you are forcing him to recall the good old days with his ex and remind him of all kinds of good old days with his ex. Isn't that a death act?!?. 

You can't just rely on instinct to fall in love. Methodology and skills are very important. 

A calm and self-contained woman will have no rival in love.

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