Wrong body with love

/October 2021

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I will no longer love you. 

If I can't love all of you, I have to go far away; if I can't love all of you, I will no longer love you. 

Because incomplete love will tear our souls and gnaw at our nerves. 

Finally, fragmented. 


Off guard, I sneezed. 

Is this the message of missing you through the vast sea of people? 

A little sunshine, shining out of the body of transparent particles, slightly, scattered into the air, each with your name, rides the wind. 

I stopped the work at hand, guessed the direction of your wandering, and wholeheartedly prepared for my next sneeze. 


Two people. 

There are only two people. 

Get together without hindrance, snuggle closely, so close. 

There are only two people. 

Can not find communication channels, their camp to build, a long distance. 

It is the shortest and longest distance between two people. 

I love you. 

Say these three words, almost at the same time, no one is willing to delay. 

Even if it is a starless and moonless night, we can hear it. 

"Love"-since then, we have lost the word in our lives. 

Try to find similar words to replace: love, love, attachment, obsession, hard to give up. 

Because it is too precious, so I don't want to repeat it, so I lost this word in this life. 

For a long time, love has been lost in the years, leaving only the most real-I love you. 


Sit in front of a pile of dusty books, looking for available information. 

There are several fresh roses in the transparent slender vase. 

Suddenly, the edge of the title page of a book, sharp as a thin blade, cut my finger. 

Hesitantly, I saw your signature on the title page. 

Perhaps has been in the dark, waiting for thousands of days, for this moment? 

Beads of blood rolled out from the wound and the pain awakened. 

I pinched the wound and my fingertips were white and numb. 

In the fragrance of roses, I wondered: have I ever cut you inadvertently over the years? 

Maybe more than once? 

How did you stop the bleeding at that time? 

How to make the wound heal? 

Can you hear me? 

Arrived at the crowded venue a little later than scheduled, because. 

You are at war with yourself all the way: to go or not to go? 

I'm here because you'll be there. 

Although things are still difficult, there is more hope. 

All the voices and laughter turned into smoke. 

Red face, excited tone, struggling to be seen or heard. 

I watched quietly in the corner and listened. 

Suddenly, I saw you, across the floating, fish-like crowd. 

You are bowing your head slightly, talking to an older woman, which is my familiar, attentive silhouette. 

Then you go further and shake hands. 

My ears are filled with all kinds of sounds, converging into the waves of the sea. 

I try to call you, not as eagerly as in a dream, but gently call your name in my heart. 

Let my heart, and your heart, find each other in the primitive chaos and then rely on each other. 

Can you hear me, your back getting farther and farther away? 

I call you in my heart, with a pious attitude. 

You stop and turn around. 

So you answered my call and said with your eyes, "Hi!" 

You pursed your mouth and couldn't help laughing and came straight from that end. 

All the voices show the silence of a vacuum, only the dialogue of our hearts. 

"you are late." 


But I came after all. " 

"there you are. 

This is good. " 

Vicissitudes of life. 

Friends say that my childishness has been replaced by a mature calmness. 

This is an implicit statement it is old! 

"you've been getting what you want over the past few years, but how can you get old without getting through the ups and downs?" 

The friend said disapprovingly. 

They do not know, fall in love with you, life will be doomed to vicissitudes. 

I have no choice but to grow old. 

Get married. 

Let's get married. 

If you say. 

The roses in June are in full bloom, and this is the season for marriage. 

If you say this, I can only promise to be a quiet and beautiful bride. 

The layers of yarn dragged under the skirt are as white as snow and free from dust. 

Standing at the altar, I said, "I do." 

You also said, "I do." 

Then you put the ring around your bride, and it is my bridegroom who holds my finger. 

In the same year, in the same month, on the same day, at the same time, there were two churches at one end of the city and the other. 

We, apart, got married.