You and me in the flower season-1

/November 2021

Coming down from the second floor of the building, my heart is still barren. 

My father was reported to be in prison, and my mother did not know where to go. From then on, there was no sunshine but haze in my 17-year-old sky. 

At that time, I also knew that my father had made a serious financial mistake, and the person who reported him was the one he knew best, but would I avenge him? 

My hands are weak and lonely, as thin and fragile as my own body. 

I even forgot my age and that I would face a terrible college entrance examination next year. 

I asked to stay at home on leave. I want to be like this for a long time. 

My daily life is simple but boring, and I even think of committing suicide. 

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In the days when I have no relatives, I would rather be the one who is closest to me. 

When I went down the stairs, I came across a boy with big eyes wandering left and right on the stairs. 

I don't like to talk to people, leaving only a figure behind him, but I remember his eyes, charming and sexy. 

I began to pay attention to this boy, who went downstairs with me every day with a big schoolbag on his back. 

Unlike me, I turned to the right, while he turned to the left. Maybe there was his school on the left. 

He is about my age, I once followed him to his destination, which is a very ordinary high school in the city. I also know that he is in the third year of senior high school and will take the college entrance examination with me next year. 

Everything, originally has nothing to do with me, but now, it is related. 

I didn't want to go to school, but in order to see him, I would rather go downstairs with him at about seven o'clock in the morning, and then in the endless gaze, one to the left and the other to the right. 

Because of him, a rainbow began to appear in my sky, and I regarded him as my first love, because before that, there was not a boy in the sky of my life. 

Finally, one day, I broke the deadlock. 

It was a rainy day. I left my key at school. I was looking at the heavy rain and hesitated. He asked me tentatively, "do you need any help?"