You and me in the flower season-2

/November 2021

In a word, I went into his cabin. 

Since then, there is a thing called love rippling in the sea of heart. 

Some of this kind of love can not be stopped, I am madly in love with him, although some unexpected, but so reasonable. 

We agreed to be admitted to Peking University together and meet again in some garden. 

I know that he made such an agreement with me only for the sake of my future, and he didn't want to destroy a girl's great ideal. 

After this agreement, I never saw him again. He was like a yellow crane, never heard from him. 

But when I remembered the agreement, I began to get angry and think of his face when I was tired of reading. 

His words will always ring in my ears, let me self-improvement and self-reliance, no longer bow my head to be a man. 

In the autumn of that year, I successfully entered Peking University. 

My grades have always been among the best in my class, and my school is a key middle school in the city. 

I didn't meet him. I was dumbfounded at that time. How could it be? the school he was in had no record of being admitted to Peking University at all. He was deliberately deceiving me. 

I was full of tears. When I came home from the holiday, I went to him crazily, but to no avail. 

The hut was locked all the time and the building was empty. I didn't know until I asked the landlord that this was a house rented by a boy. 

Our stunning hippie homecoming dresses are absolutely unmissable. Our unique selections would be the best gift.

His lease is only one year, one year, which happens to be the whole time he spent with me. 

I searched for him all the time, but to no avail. 

I want to thank him. Without him, it would be impossible for me to be admitted to Peking University. No matter what his intention is, he is my first love. 

Two years went by, and my father was halfway through his sentence. 

And at this time, I fell into the ocean of love.