You and me in the flower season-3

/November 2021

A careless boy said after drinking that he would accompany me for the rest of his life, I took it seriously, just as simple as taking that "him" seriously at the beginning. 

I am a girl who is easily moved, a little love and hate can stir up the boundless waves in my heart. 

From then on, there was one more him in my life, and he followed me like a follower. 

Until one day, he sent me into his carefully woven sedan chair of love. 

In that year, my father happened to be out of prison. 

Shortly after marriage, I accidentally went to a typing department to make photocopies. I was received by a tallboy. What a familiar figure, I was stunned. 

It was him, the boy who gave me a beautiful first love. 

He was so simple that when he saw that it was me, he wanted to avoid it. 

As soon as I caught him, I was going to question his reasons for doing that. If he couldn't say it, I would slap him in the face at the end. 

My father is your father's nemesis. Your father's imprisonment has something to do with my father. 

He doesn't have the slightest confidence in his manner when he speaks. 

I knew you were alone, so I wanted to help you. I deliberately rented a house and lived down for fear that you would commit suicide. I liked you, but I had no education. I tried my best to make up classes, but it was too late. I didn't go to college and broke my appointment. 

That's it. My father went to prison. 

The corners of his eyes were filled with tears and his hands did not know where to stop. 

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A week later, I got him a job at my husband's company, and he kept bowing and thanking. 

When his back was far away, the corners of my eyes were wet. 

Tearful eyes, that rainy day, a boy and a girl met downstairs, one turned to the left, the other to the right.