You are gorgeous the marriage is colorful

/October 2021

I often receive the help message of "married for many years, feelings are getting weaker and weaker, what should I do as a woman?" I summed up that the people who asked for help could be divided into three categories: the first one said that they were very uncomfortable and usually could not control their emotions. They staged a drama of "one crying, two troubles and three hanging" with her husband, and finally broke up; the second said that for the sake of the children, they chose not to tear their feelings for so many years. 

The third kind of saying is very uncomfortable, but will still choose other ways to dispel emotions, such as fitness, reading, and so on. 

First of all, I have some appreciation for the women who have this kind of confusion and take the initiative to seek solutions. 

When something goes wrong with their marriage, they can face it and at the same time maintain their yearning for a better marriage. 

Secondly, when it comes to three ways to deal with problems, I think that the third kind of woman is the wisest. 

I believe that "if you are a little light, only if you light up first, will you attract a glimmer of light, and finally become a brilliant brilliance." 

Like the following two readers, they grow up and meet better themselves. 

Wan Jun is 40 years old. 

When she first got married, she and her husband were very affectionate. 

But for a long time, the common topic of the two people is only the trivialities of life, and then have nothing to say. 

Unbearable, she called me to complain about her troubles: "he doesn't love me anymore."... " 

I advised her to read more and pay attention to current events: "if you read for 20 minutes a day, you will learn a lot of interesting knowledge." 

A month later, she called me again and told me that she and her husband seemed to be in love again recently. 

Last month, she and her husband listened to the news that the economy of a certain country was depressed, but the number of people in cinemas was only increasing. 

My husband casually said, "Why do so many people go to the movies when they have no money?" 

She analyzed with her husband: "this is the lipstick effect. Despite the economic downturn, people still have a strong desire to spend and can only choose relatively cheap ways to enjoy it. Watching movies and buying lipstick have become the choices of many people." 

The husband was surprised: "you know this?" 

From that day on, she and her husband had more and more topics. 

She enriched herself and made their relationship circulate at the same time. 

People used to say that the itch of seven years has been shortened to three years. 

Why is it more and more difficult to keep a marriage fresh? 

Because many people have overlooked a problem: the nature of love may not like the new and hate the old, but it is impossible to have no freshness. 

Only by maintaining growth and making each other have continuous attraction can it be conducive to the long-term stability of the relationship. 

Another reader, Da Chun, is 30 years old. 

In the small town where she lives, she has good conditions, but she is still single. 

Her mother finally arranged a blind date for her, and the man had a successful career and opened a trading company. 

There is still half a month to go on a blind date, and she told me that she was afraid that her speech would expose her lack of cultural accomplishment, and she was so anxious that she had several pimples on her face. 

I suggest she listen to more books. Many websites have the function of reading books. 

In half a month, Dachun listened to 20 books and fell in love with them. 

On the blind date table, Dachun chatted from spaghetti to the delicacies in Haruki Murakami's novels, from the sinking in "the unbearable Light of Life" to the mutual defense and help in "the three of us". 

The man's interest was mediocre, and at last, he asked cynically, "what's the use of girls reading so many books?" 

Marrying a good man can save 10 years of hard work. 

Although I only have a junior high school education, I can earn NT $200,000 to NT $300,000 a year. Don't those who have read books still work for me? " 

Dachun immediately got up and left and replied, "study hard in order not to marry someone like you." 

40-year-old troubles, 30-year-old anxiety, women every 10 years, will face different puzzles and choices. 

The temporary struggle is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that the difficult problems of life can never be solved. 

Only by constantly updating your knowledge and ideas will you find that even if there is a swamp in your life, you will be full of willows and flowers after you break free. 

For those women who are constantly looking for a better-married life, it is only by striving to be who they want to be that they will be able to stir up the rumors of the people you love.

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