You live in my words-1

/October 2021

At this moment, you are on the far side, are you also subpoenaing for me, are you stopping for me? 

I am at this end of the world, wandering in romance, the soul in the flow of words, lonely as night, thousands of words through the black of the night, with your tenderness, understand your heart, slowly filter the sediment of the heart, weave into a curtain of beautiful dreams. 

In the dream, I gently put a piece of light on your shoulders for you. 

Keep a beauty in the bottom of my heart, just for your arrival. 

The vast sea of people never thought you would quietly into the bottom of my heart. 

And I walked up to you, but I was frightened step by step. 

I think it's enough to have the memory of its warmest moment. 

Time has come to this point, all the persistence can no longer be converted with whether it is meaningful or not. 

Looking back, those efforts that have not been spoken or put into action have rotted away. 

Then, at this moment, there will be no more mention of who has been waiting for who has broken the appointment. 

In the future, there will be countless journeys and encounters, each of which will be the most special existence. 

But, only this paragraph, because you, is the most special. 

Have used to you give me bit by bit, every day, about you. 

The distant time and space did not change our distance. 

I can still feel your warm breath all the time. 

Listen to the whispers of the heart, comfort each other. 

Because of the true feelings of watching, I have become stronger. 

Let me in the place where you walk, let me plant sunshine and happiness for you all the way, let that love spread gently, fragrant all the way. 

When changing places between summer and autumn, I slowly feel the rotation of scenery season after season. 

Only one night, the wind leaves behind, the ground is messy yellow leaves. 

Through the world of mortals of the past countless, how many youthful flowers have run out of dust and smoke? 

The passers-by are in a hurry, how many lovers can meet like seeing each other for the first time? 

There is a feeling that it is irresistible, and there is a name that is getting clearer and clearer. 

In the end, there is no escape, the distance between you and me, the distance between the mountains and rivers, the barrier of clouds and smoke. 

In the shallow autumn season, exile mood, and those thoughts of you. 

But never know where to find the crystal frost. 

With you stored at the bottom of my heart, I have a happy place to belong. 

I thought of you. 

When it is soft, it is full of words. 

In this happiest time, the autumn wind passes through, Pianpian flying flowers, falling in our world. 

Tonight in the land of dreams, there is still a smell of silence, and you never look back on each other when you are far away. 

Acacia is sleeping secretly, does not want to wake up, holding that illusory, to fill this vacancy in the heart. 

Let the faint smile stay in your sleep. 

Memories are gentle traps, and that smile becomes insignificant. 

The maple red of the tree was covered with frost, but it could not stop waiting and fell into the world of mortals. 

When I miss you, the hazy city shines with happiness, but I didn't borrow a pair of wings, how can I fly to your window? 

Time is like an arrow away from the string, farther and farther away from me, you are also farther and farther away, want to grab your hands, everything is just a fantasy, everything is just a dream. 

I stand in the moment of the replacement of summer and autumn, just waiting for the moon to pass by, with boundless poetry, cut into the belly of the night. 

My thoughts, my thoughts, can be found in all your corners. 

Although not gorgeous enough, it contains tenderness, enough for you to experience slowly. 

I do not ask you to understand my deep state of mind, do not expect you to be too close to me. 

All my love and love, just to walk with you and sleep on your lonely pillow. 

I hope there is a gentle you standing by my side, and there is always a good understanding of you, in my desolate loneliness. 

I hope you are concerned about the dialogue between me and the words, which is a strong outflow of emotion.

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