You live in my words-2

/October 2021

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Love is the city that never sleeps, full of the light of happiness. 

Memories are like the stars in the sky, never declining. 

Remember who once said that if you fall in love with someone in loneliness, you will be lonelier after love. 

When all the people grow old one by one, you are still the way I remember you. 

I can still face your gentle wind and slowly tell you about the past because I was your time. 

At this moment, the moonlight was all over the ground, and the way you turned into words bewitched me. 

Then, let me decorate your strange beauty with short-term happiness. 

Before you know it, midnight comes quietly. I can't bear to sleep without you. 

For three whole hours, the complex mood is in the tide, overflowing the sea of the soul. 

I, why can not wait for your figure, can not wait for your voice? 

For a long time, I also deliberately avoid your line of sight, that is because I love. 

And you, in my line of sight around a white fence. 

That's the color of the fog. 

When everything is over, I also want to slowly forget you. 

If I can forget you if I am the burden of your heart if you can forgive me …. 

Then please forgive those songs sung to the distance, please forgive the clear summer grass warm your deep sleep, please forgive me for stubbornly waiting, please forgive me for using words to restore the initial silence, please forgive me for writing long lines waiting for my confusion, I just love you, love you …... 

Perhaps, one day, you will come back and read my heart under the dim light. 

And outside the window, the fog has come. 

The frost is all over the sky. 

Silly girl, it has been 365 days, every day and night there is your shadow. 

My heart is full of you, the space has been filled by you, heavy. 

And you can never see my pain tonight, that failed not only the late sunset, green willow? 

Is that forgotten, is it the jokes of you and me, the stars all over the sky? 

You have put out all the lights of last night, you have buried half of the full moon, no matter how hard I try, what kind of time I have, what comes surging is still my dusty, dusty memories and years. 

The lead washes out, slowly recede, is my entire spring, summer, autumn, and winter pay, a dedicated love. 

Who else is wandering in the distance? 

I'm telling you, it's my heart that misses you. 

I have lost weight, in thinking of your words. 

Even if time can be turned back, even if the moon is as beautiful as it was, I can't enter your world or weave your solid web. 

Always worry that missing so much will wake you up from your dream. 

Love to the depths of people lonely, love so that you feel aggrieved. 

I have loved you for a whole century, even if the temples fly frost, I will still covet your gray charm. 

Always firmly believe that I am a flower, blooming in the palm of your hand, falling in the bottom of your heart. 

The time is so long that I can't sleep in the middle of the night. 

What we leave to each other is the sound of the wind blowing. 

In the moon sleep, I want to say, love you, I have no regrets. 

At this time, I can no longer remember the arrival of autumn, nor can I remember the figure of you leaving. 

Originally, you are my lust for a glass of wine, you live in my luminous cup. 

Your fragrance once fascinated my heart. 

The longer the time, the stronger the wine. 

In the deep, I drank all kinds of melancholy, drank the sea, and planted mulberry fields. 

The edge of autumn, flowers have withered, autumn days, dear you, how to let me in the missed time, repeat the story of spring? 

Perhaps, the years are long enough, and forgetting is always with us. 

After each segment met and separated, there was nothing left except the text and photos that gradually began to turn yellow. 

Some people say that only love can withstand the long years. 

Then, I will use 40 °love to resist the cold time after missing you.