You might as well pretend to be stupid in marriage

/October 2021

Some people joke that you should keep your eyes open before marriage and turn a blind eye after marriage. 

The so-called closing of one eye is probably "pretending to be stupid"! 

Everything has its fuzzy zone, and marriage is no exception. It is so serious that it can only cause cracks in the marriage. 

If you don't want to let go of marriage, try playing dumb. 

To say this is not to let anyone swallow it, but to change the way of thinking and blur the little things in life. 

The tedious daily life is also reflected in the emotion, don't worry about those trifles. 

There is a saying that when a smart man meets a smart woman, the result is war; when a "stupid" man meets a smart woman, the result is gossip; and when a smart man meets a "stupid" woman, the result is happiness. 

The reason for the relationship problems between many men and women is that they don't know when to be smart and when to play dumb. 

"pretending to be stupid" is a skill. 

Sometimes, when your husband tells a lie, you don't have to expose him, let alone fight with him. Even if you have a sharp eye and insight into everything, you can smile secretly and say, "I'm just worried about you." 

The implication is that I already know that I do not intend to pursue it, especially when an outsider is present, you must give him enough face and maintain his "glorious image" in front of colleagues or friends. 

The tolerance of a woman will make your husband have a sense of security, and he will love you more because he is grateful to you. 

My friend Yuhua and her husband have been married for 10 years and are still in love. 

Her secret is to give her husband the greatest face. 

On the wall of her bedroom was a note showing her "family rules": first, history has proved that her husband is always right. 

It is up to him to decide everything; second, in case he is wrong, he will still follow the first one. 

Later, in addition to being moved, her husband added: the wife has the right to be president. 

Men are very face-saving, if you give him enough face, he will not only thank you, will be impressed by your tolerance, but also doubly treat you. 

Why not do such a good deal? 

The word "marriage", taken apart, is a "female" word and a "faint" word, which is very interesting. 

If women were not confused, there might be no love and marriage in this world. 

"if the water is clear, there will be no fish." 

I think this statement also applies to love. If you are too sober, maybe there will be no crazy love. 

Women "pretend to be stupid" is a kind of realm, which is done by smart people. The kind of smile that knows everything but doesn't break, fascinates men most.

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