You see the tulips bloom and we'll get married

/September 2021

The poor painter had no money to rent a house. After being introduced by the studio owner, he lived in a blind girl's villa. The blind girl who is kind-hearted and loves life deeply touched the painter. He decorated the villa in the blind girl's heart with beautiful colors and planted beautiful tulips for her in the garden; Even, he risked his life, catching poisonous snakes and taking courage to cure blind women ...

There is a secret in the old villa

When you see tulips bloom, we will get married. Tong Shu, 27, is a wandering oil painter.

Hard-working Tong Shu is unwilling to be bound by fate. Although he can't afford to rent a house, he practices hard in the utility room of the photo studio every night. He felt that what his paintings lacked was color beauty. That kind of breathtaking color-such as the magnificent mystery of oriental color and the perplexity of western color.

Boss Hong of the photo studio likes this self-motivated young man very much and says, "You should go to a new environment. I have a friend who left in a car accident three months ago. He has a villa in the southern suburbs. His daughter and her grandmother live there sadly. You might as well move over and help me stay with them. "

In October, 2005, Tong Shu took simple luggage and took several bus trips. Finally, she found the villa with old and gray appearance. Most of the lawn in front of her door was dead, and the yellow-brown ground was exposed.

The old lady welcomed Tong Shu into the living room with a smile.

This house is a warehouse! The interior layout is disorganized. The black sofa is close to the gray wall, and the brown floor tile is covered with harsh red carpet. On the opposite wall, there is a huge but unfinished oil painting, with a few dark clouds on it ...

Tong Shu asked the old lady, "May I see your granddaughter?"

"She is still taking a nap, and the child's schedule is irregular."

Tong Shu lives at the top of the villa, in the attic above the third floor. He framed the wall with his own paintings and found some wooden strips to nail into a workbench. He pushed open the window and could see the deserted garden behind the villa.

That night, Tong Shu was lying on the workbench toning when someone knocked at the door and came in.

She was dressed in white casual clothes, long black hair, big round eyes and a gentle smile at her mouth, which made her look quiet and beautiful.

"I'm glad you can come to my house. I heard that you are a painter? "

"Yes, painting oil paintings."

"It's great!" Wang Xue's dull eyes flashed slightly. "I also like painting. I used to ask my father to buy a painting for me to hang up."

"Is that a bought oil painting?"

"Yes, there are many beautiful flowers on it." Wang Xue gushes about how beautiful the villa in her mind is. Every handrail, every desk lamp, and even the pattern on the wall brick in the bathroom are exquisite works of art.

The original color is fragrant

That night, Tong Shu's heart couldn't calm down for a long time. He felt that only the beautiful colors she described could be worthy of the beautiful Wang Xue!

The arrival of Tong Shu not only changed Wang Xue's mood, but also changed her biological clock. She arranged her life completely according to Tong Shu's schedule. Every day, after dinner, she will tell you everything about color.

Wang Xue's mother used her sense of touch to teach her to know the world, let her feel the shape of things and the beauty of the world, but the colors she taught Wang Xue were all inflexible, so Wang Xue lived in deception. Is there any way for Wang Xue to perceive and distinguish colors by himself? This is what Tong Shu racked his brains, but it finally made him think of a way.

"Green is a fragrant smell, red should be the smell of roses, and yellow must be the smell of lemons ..."

"Oh, it's so beautiful! The color turned out to be alive! " Wang Xue clapped his hands. "Fragrance is white tulip, fragrance is purple tulip, and purple is close to green. Mellow, it must be yellow or red tulips! "

"Do you like tulips very much?" "Yes, my mother said that tulips represent beauty and elegance. I like their long leaves, the shape like a goblet, and their fragrance. It smells really refreshing."

"Well, let's plant tulips!"

In November, Tong Shu went to the plantation to buy tulip bulbs, dug the soil in the garden deep and raked it flat, then applied rotten leaves and cake fertilizer, and buried the bulbs deep inside. Wang Xue always stood quietly with a handkerchief in one hand and scented tea in the other. When Tong Shu was tired, he came to wipe the sweat and drink tea. She believes that when spring comes, tulips in the garden will compete with each other, and she will ask Tong Shu to draw all kinds of the most beautiful colors for her.

In order to make Wang Xue feel this color truly, he used essence and made yellow into a faint lemon fragrance. Paint the walls yellow one by one, change the gray sky on the oil painting in the hall into bright blue, and paint the dark distant mountains into oily green. In the Yuan Ye, there are endless tulips ...

In order to let you see the beautiful tulips

In the blink of an eye, in March 2006, tulips in the garden were blooming and fragrant. She said to Tong Shu, "They are beautiful girls dancing ballet. Am I right?"

"Exactly, Cher, I must let you see them."

"I have already seen it!"

"Yes, you saw it." Tong Shu said in his heart, "You must see it." For a period of time, he visited ophthalmologists in major hospitals in Mianyang City. Finally, Tong Shu heard that using the gall of wild vipers to make wine and drink has special effects.

Tong Shu decided to give it a try. He lied that his family was in a hurry and said goodbye to Wang Xue.

A month later, they caught more than 40 snakes, took out snake gall, soaked a large glass jar of snake gall wine, and brought them to Mianyang.

Wang Xue drank snake gall wine for half a year, but his eyes had no effect. On November 29, 2006, he took Wang Xue to Chengdu West China Hospital for examination. The doctor told Tong Shu that if she could not find a suitable donor within three years, she would have to live in the dark all her life.

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The doctor also said that according to relevant statistics, there are more than 3 million patients waiting for corneal transplantation. However, due to the lack of donor corneas, only 3,000 cases of corneal transplantation are completed every year in major hospitals across the country, accounting for only one thousandth. Many patients who could have seen the light again through corneal transplantation are waiting in the dark ...

Tong Shu did not dare to face Wang Xue's eyes. On December 25, 2006, he thought that even if there was a thousand hopes, he should try hard! Tong Shu strengthened his determination to leave. But he felt uncertain, so he said, "I want to leave Mianyang and seek greater development elsewhere. Take care of yourself, and your mother-in-law will take good care of you. "

"Well, I wish you success!" Wang Xue smiled lightly, picked up the brush with a low body, and the brush was against the wall. Her hand was shaking ...

He felt that he had found the most beautiful color! He paid all the money from selling paintings to hospitals. In the past three years, he has traveled to more than 100 cities across the country and paid deposits to more than 300 hospitals to buy corneas for Wang Xue. On July 17, 2009, he finally received the notice from West China Hospital.

Wang Xue has lived alone for nearly three years, and she believes that he will come back.

Every day she sits in a purple chair with her back against the yellow wall, waiting for Tong Shu's return. On the afternoon of July 18, 2009, a taxi stopped at the gate of the fence, and a person came down. She gently called: "Tong Shu!" Yes, it's him! They both opened their arms and gave each other a strong hug.

On July 19th, the operation lasted for more than two hours, and the international advanced lamellar keratoplasty method was adopted, which was very successful.

As soon as she entered the house, Wang Xue saw that on the opposite wall, her unfinished oil painting had been finished by Tong Shu: in front of the yellow cottage, there was a Yuan Ye in full bloom with tulips, and there was a young girl walking with her back to the sunset. Tulips and girls are so perfect that they can't breathe.

"Maybe, this is my most beautiful work."

"No, your most beautiful work is me!" Wang Xue corrected.

Wang Xue's eyes have no major adverse reactions because she has returned to normal after the operation. She will remove the sutures of corneal transplantation in March 2010. By then, the tulips in the garden will bloom, and they must take the most beautiful wedding photos among the flowers.