your name

/September 2021

At the age of 35, a man lost his memory due to a brain injury. That year, the woman was 30 years old.  

Now the man is 80 years old and the woman is 75 years old. For 45 years, women have tried every means, but men's memories still show no signs of recovery or even improvement.  

He doesn't remember his name, his past, or even what just happened. He no longer knows his neighbors, parents, children, and wives. Not only that, men often do some crazy things. He would throw the flowerpot out of the window with a smile, hold the hot iron pot with both hands, bite the wire with his teeth, and even swallow a pebble or nail with a smile.  

Because of accidents, men not only lost their memories but also became fools. He can't take care of himself at all. He needs someone to accompany him at all times, so women have been with him for 45 years. For 45 years, women are like a flower, open, open, open, and then slowly wither, wither, wither, almost wither.  

In 45 years, women have had the idea of leaving. When she dragged her sick body and had to take care of the man when the house she had just cleaned was messed up by the man again when her cheek was bitten by the man for no reason when she met another man who cared about her and liked her … However, in the end, the woman stubbornly continued her life with the man. She said that a man can't live without her, and she can't live without a man.  

Ask her, why? She said, because of love.  

But do men still have a love for her? Whenever do people ask about a man, who is she? Men will stare at her face and say foolishly, I don't know her. Every time, after the event, she will tell the man seriously that I am your wife. The man said, Oh, but he was expressionless. Then the next day, someone asked the man again, who is she? Man is still a face of vacant, don't know.  

She laughed. She doesn't care. She said, I know, he still loves me.  

In the past 45 years, she has said this sentence thousands of times.  

No one understood her, only she knew that she didn't lie to herself. Because, in dreams, men often say: Ling. Although a man will forget his words and even his dreams after waking up, she doesn't care.  

Every time she hears this word, she will cry. Ling is her name.  

The chaotic man still remembers her name; A man who forgets everything still remembers her name. If this is not love, what is it?  

Because of this word, she walked with men for 45 years. And, she knew that no matter what, she would continue to accompany him forever.

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