youth passes as a fleeting wave-1

/November 2021

My heart is burning / just to hit the road according to you. 

The light passing through the polar regions / can not resist the melancholy of fleeting years. 

It's a long way / I can't get rid of the love of missing. 

The wind is blowing / the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus is all over the city. 

Although true love can rebirth angels with broken wings, mind and insight can make angels fly higher. 

It is the season of the beginning of love and the blooming of youth. 

Her name is Juang, a short, fat, silent girl. 

She was in the same class as him, and he could see from her shy fawn eyes that she liked her. 

However, pretending to be unknown does not reveal it. 

Yes, she likes him very much. 

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She was 80 years old, with a clean face, a charming smile, and funny jokes, all enough to make her fall in love. More importantly, he had a magical talent for mathematics, and sometimes the math teacher could not answer questions that were difficult for him to answer. He was able to speak out the simple solution in a clear and organized way, which in her opinion was both mysterious and infinitely attractive. 

But she is a girl with all kinds of fantasies in her head, kind-hearted but extremely inferiority complex. 

She is less than 1.6 meters tall, but she has 1.6 meters to others. 

He weighed more than 55 kilograms but told others that he had no more than 50 kilograms. 

Such lies were told so much that even she began to believe that she was a kind and beautiful girl, waiting for a good mate of a good man.

However, no. 

At the very least, he didn't send any interesting message to himself. 

Some daring girls in the class began to yell with their boyfriend "husband and wife", but she was still waiting for him, just like that, quietly and faintly in love with him.

It was already autumn. 

In the afternoon recess, she took a Chinese book to the playground to recite. 

She just likes Chinese, to be exact, she likes to write. She writes a lot of things that she does not dare to say, dare not love, and dare not do in reality in that locked diary, including her feelings for him, of course.

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